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About Us

Last year, over two thousand people in almost every county of England and Wales relied upon our friendly, straight-talking specialists to deliver their arboricultural and ecological surveys. Each one of these clients, people just like you, enjoyed a 100% success rate at planning, after following our advice.

Since 2005, and now in our ninth year of trading, we’ve worked incredibly hard to shape a company that we think you’d actually like to do business with. We know that the important things to you are competitive and transparent costs, reliability and above all, speed, because those are exactly the same things that are important to us!

Our Principles

Transparent Pricing

We know simple, transparent and low pricing is vital.

Brilliant Customer Service

We have worked hard to create a company you would actually like to do business with.

Straight Talking

We all prefer simple, straight talking advice. You won’t find any confusing jargon in our reports.

Reports in Days, Not Weeks

Speed is vital and our whole business is geared towards getting your reports to you as fast as possible.


We are headquartered in Chester and have office locations in Birmingham and London, however the overwhelming majority of our surveys are undertaken by our ever-growing team of ‘Arbtechers’; home-based, full-time and permanent employees geographically spread throughout most of England and Wales. It’s this office and home-based model that allows us to cover the majority of the UK for a fixed, published price, while building valuable relationships with clients and local authorities alike. It also means less travel/more family time for our consultants, too.

After almost a decade of undertaking arboricultural and ecological survey work of any description, in 2013 we stopped undertaking work that wasn’t singularly planning and development focused. This was a bold decision, turning down high value and prestigious work for local governments and insurance companies to name but two examples. However, we needed to break away from our ‘we’ll do anything as long as your paying us’, jack-of-none competitors. What we do now exclusively is what we have always done best; flatten tree and ecology objections to your scheme. Only now, we play to this strength with a laser-like focus on speed. This is the consulting equivalent of attaching a rocket to a steamroller… You’re welcome.
We realised a long time ago that setting ourselves the goal of being the number one career destination of choice for arboriculturists and ecologists was the path we needed to tread. As bold decisions go, that’s a biggie. It meant us putting our employees unequivocally before everything else, but in hindsight, it was definitely the right choice. Completely flexible working hours, an unlimited CPD budget and a flat management structure (no one is anyone’s boss), and letting our employees decide their own bonuses, are the headlines, but really they’re only part of a much wider and deeper culture. Why do we do all of this? We do it for you. Because happy employees, truly happy ones, will move heaven and earth for you, our client, week in and week out, without the faintest grumble. Nothing is too much trouble for them. That’s how we offer weekend survey appointments, next working day reports and on occasion, same day surveys and reports!

In January 2015, Arbtech will be celebrating it’s 10th birthday. Yet despite this, we are probably the most progressive and forward thinking company in our industry. Our software and technology investments, our attitude to fighting your corner while ‘doing the right thing’, and the collective expertise of our people is in our opinion, without parallel.

On that note, we want to share our experiences and expertise with you and anyone else that is interested. We have committed a significant amount of time and means to building the resources section of this web site, and we will continue to do this, adding to the wealth of knowledge that is already accessible to you at the click of a finger. Case studies, learning articles, white papers, company developments, video blogs, product and service overviews, sector reports, opinion pieces from leading thinkers in ours and related industries, kit and equipment reviews, as well as reviews of CPD events, courses and books. Oh and journals of our surveyors – the good and the bad. It’s all there for you to enjoy. Please let us know what you think.

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