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Asked by Derek Aytoun

Arbtech's Answer

Hi Derek

While we can, of course, it probably isn't economic. Your best best is to refer to the Arboricultural Association web site and try to find a more local consultant on their register.


Asked by craig wood

Arbtech's Answer

We certainly do.

I'll get one of my colleagues to e-mail you.



Asked by James panworth

Arbtech's Answer

Hi James

It varies. We'd need a little more information from you, but here's my 'back or a fag packet' answer:

1. If you have ponds within 500m, and certainly within 250m, you may need to survey those, because great crested newts are amphibious and therefore use terrestrial (land based) habitats. Your local planning authority would argue, that potentially, this includes your site of proposed development.


2. If say, your house lies directly to the east of the M6 motorway. And the only newt pond (or even, pond, since we don't know there are any newts yet) is only 200m away but, crucially, lies to the west of the M6 motorway, you can imagine, there is very little chance that Mr and Mrs G. C. Newt regularly take a stroll across the motorway, and live to tell the tale. Therefore, we could easily argue that this represents a barrie rot species migration, and avoid the need to survey.

I hope this makes sense and helps. By all means, contact us if you need more help. Or view these web pages:


Best regards


Asked by john porter

Arbtech's Answer

Hi John

The short answer is yes, because you have asked this in April. If you're looking to prepare a robust planning application then ecological and especially protected species surveys must be completed during the appropriate (best practice) seasons. May to September is generally considered optimal for bats, depending of course on temperature and weather.

Hope this helps.


Asked by Rosa Bárcena

Arbtech's Answer

Hi Rosa

Normally within 2-3 working days. Sometimes it's a little slower if we're extra busy or if your site is especially large or complex.

Hope this helps!


Asked by Patrick Gibson

Arbtech's Answer

Hi Patrick


Get in touch with Martin: moc (@) ... remove the parentheses.


Asked by David Gibson

Arbtech's Answer

Hi David,

Licenced for what?

If you mean by Natural England or Natural Resource Wales, for the survey/disturbance of various protected species, then yes. But I can't help you much further without a little more information.

I hope this helps.


Asked by John Rampton

Arbtech's Answer

Hi John. I gather from your message that you're not all that happy about being told you need a bat survey. Who asked you for this? The LPA? Also, you didn't say what you planned to do with the barn.

So I'll make a few assumptions. 1. that you're going to knock it down, and 2. that the LPA asked you for the survey.

If the barn is made entirely of iron, you are right to think that it is not what we would expect to see bats roosting in. That is to say, they wouldn't normally prefer it over other buildings with access and roosting features. Bats like stable temperatures, low noise, and stable ambient humidity and air flow. Not what you typically experience when hanging upside down - if you can find something to hold on to - under a sheet of metal with precious little protection from the elements.

I should add the devils advocate disclaimer and say that I am constantly surprised by nature and especially bats. I certainly wouldn't bet the farm on them not being there! (Apologies for the pun). I just don't think it's likely based on your description of a pre fabricated barn of the type we commonly see (corrugated iron).

If I were you, I'd go back to your planning team (architect) or the LPA themselves and ask for written justification. It may be that you're missing something crucial and there's a perfectly good reason for you needing a bat survey. But it may not be!

Otherwise, give us a call and we'll happily do it for you.

I hope this was helpful.


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