Case Study

PEA and Bat Survey in Perry Barr, Birmingham


Arbtech undertook a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal on an industrial site in Perry Barr, Birmingham that our client wanted to develop on.

Whilst completing a walkover survey looking for evidence of protected species and inspecting the buildings on site which are to be demolished bat droppings were found. The buildings were likely to have been used by pipistrelle species of bats and could have provided sheltered areas for them to feed as well as roost.

Our ecologist also made note of any invasive species present on the site. This site has Japanese knotweed, which is also present on neighbouring land and will need to be addressed prior to development.

Bat Surveys

As the buildings on site are being used by bats, bat activity surveys undertaken at dusk and dawn were required in order to confirm which species were present and what they were using the buildings for.

A total of three bat surveys, which were a mix of dusk and dawn surveys, were undertaken between mid-May and August, the core survey season.

Charlotte managed a team of 8 surveyors during the emergence and re-entry surveys. On each of the surveys Charlotte and her team recorded bats using buildings as well as activity over and adjacent to the site.

The report concluded that the development would have an effect on roosting bats in two of the buildings on site and that a European Protected Species Licence would be required for the works to go ahead. However, as a low number of bats was seen using the buildings (3 max), and these are common bat species, a Low Impact Class Licence could be applied for with this site. Our reports and consultation sped up the process for our client while providing adequate roosting provisions for the bats using the site.

Customer Feedback

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You were the only people I called who are prepared to discuss price over the phone. I gave you four stars as the price was very competitive but the time scale to get to our site was a little outside of your advertized 2-5 days...

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