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Professional Development Without Limits

Arbtech: Professional development without limits

Q: What happens if we invest in our people and they leave?

A: What if we don’t, and they stay?

Most companies say they invest heavily in their employees. Rarely does anyone actually put their money where their mouth is, though. Except us. Our unlimited CPD fund is exactly what it says on the tin; available for you to spend at your discretion. No questions asked. Book yourself on the course; get the invoice sent to head office; job done.

Robert Oates, founder and director says:

The uCPD scheme costs our business an absolute ton. Within months of me annoucing the scheme three people signed up for Masters degrees and a fourth for a Foundation degree. That’s forty grand right there, even before you consider their time away from work. Then there’s all of the CPD short courses, certification programmes and obviously, various conferences. As you can imagine, for the whole team, it adds up rapidly.

However, you’ll hear no complaints from me.

This all came about when I started looking at opportunities to attract, retain and develop top talent in our business. It dawned on me that we had a limit on CPD spend. And that the team had to authorise that CPD spend via me, or other senior colleagues. I remember sitting at my desk one day thinking, “how absurd is this? We are limiting how fast our people can develop!! Why would any employer want to do that?” So, we stopped. And instead, we started actively encouraging our people to develop as much as possible. And I’ve never looked back, because I genuinely see every single person at Arbtech raising their game each year, deepening their expertise in some areas and broadening their sphere of competence into others. It’s fantastic. My only regret is it took me 8 years of running a business to work this out!

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