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Why Choose Arbtech?

Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Need a tree survey for your development in Bromley? 

Tree Survey Bromley: Bromley has the largest tree stock of all the London boroughs. So, if you’re looking to develop a site or structure in Bromley, the sheer volume of trees means that there’s a good chance at least one of them is on or near your site.

With somewhere in the region 36,000 trees and over 200 individual species, Bromley boasts an attractive street scene, and resilient ecology. Rightly, this doesn’t appear to be something Bromley Council are willing to compromise. 

However, this doesn’t mean that LB of Bromley are opposed to development altogether. Quite the contrary, in fact, significant work is underway to regenerate the town centres of both Bromley and Beckenham alongside major developments like St. Mark’s Square in Bromley South.

This commitment to the environment does mean that the local planning department will take the protection and preservation of trees very seriously. Which, naturally, will have implications for your planning application.

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Every tree on or near your site will need to be categorised according to the BS5837 standard. This, along with the rest of the information in your survey will enable your planning case officer to defend their decision to grant planning consent for your development. 

Under BS5837 each tree will receive a category ranging from Cat A- historically, culturally, and/or ecologically significant trees like the 500-year old, Old Bromley Oak; to Cat U- the dying, dead, and dangerous which should be removed anyway as part of sound arboricultural management. 

In Bromley, there are over 2,000 Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and any tree, even those in hedgerows can be subject to a TPO. It’s a mistake to presume that only trees in conservation areas can be covered by a TPO, even a simple lime tree that’s overhanging your development could be protected. Obviously, such a tree would have serious (but not insurmountable) implications for planning consent.

Instances like this are where a BS5837 tree survey and arboricultural impact assessment is going to be required of you.

What do I need to do?

Your survey must take both the canopy (above ground) and root protection area (below ground) constraints to the layout and developable square footage into consideration.

It must clearly show your Tree Officer exactly what you’re going to do to meet your obligations. If it doesn’t, the chances of being refused planning permission are high. 

Ultimately, we’re here to do one thing – advise you and your design team how your development plans will protect and retain higher quality trees and justify the loss of lower quality trees.

Done properly, and in concert with an arboricultural impact assessment, this will enable you to satisfy the Tree Officer, who will then provide a favourable recommendation to your planning Case Officer. Then, the Case Officer will grant planning permission.

Speaking of planning permission, we have secured literally hundreds of planning consents for our clients in Bromley alone. 

If you don’t get planning permission as a result of our advice, we’ll give you your money back. No quibbles. No question.

Planning permission without the headaches – Arbtech

Your survey will be conducted by a local expert who is directly employed at Arbtech. We will never subcontract your survey without your explicit written permission, and only then would it be to meet a deadline that we couldn’t otherwise.

So, you can be assured that it’ll be carried out by one of the best in the business: Jon Hartley, senior tree consultant at Arbtech covers the Bromley area. You can read mor about Jon on our About Us page.

Every member of our 25-strong team knows the arboricultural particulars of the local area inside out because they’ve lived and worked there for years. They’ll know the relevant parts of the Bromley local plan back to front, and they’ll be conversant with the little foibles in policies that the Bromley planning department use to make their determinations.

Finally, we only take on work for people who have a tree problem that’s getting in the way of them maximising their development opportunities. No subsidence claim work. No large-scale tree safety surveys. Just 100% focus on getting our clients through planning.

Together, this combines into a seamless service that delivers the tree advice you need to get planning consent, fast.

And if fast isn’t fast enough, we even offer paid upgrade services for rapid and next working day reports if you’re really up against it! 


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