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The ability to gain planning permission can be hindered by trees on your site, particularly if the local planning authority has no indication of how you will avoid disturbing them. A tree survey will cater to these concerns, and Arbtech has consultant arboriculturists in Gloucester and nearby areas to carry out this type of assessment.

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Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Gloucester Green Land

Based in the broader county of Gloucestershire, Gloucester is a predominantly countryside city and, between 1894 and 1974, was recognised as a rural district. It also has historical significance, originally founded by the Romans before being seen as an important part of England by various kings in the Middle Ages.

Today, it is a popular tourist destination, seeing over 4.4 million visitors every year. Notable attractions include Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester Docks and Robinswood Hill Country Park. The balance between rural and urban features is one of the selling points that entices so many visitors and residents. However, ensuring new developments don’t entirely eliminate the remaining natural environment in the city is an important consideration for Gloucester City Council.

Tree Protection in the Gloucester Area

On the Gloucester City Council website, the importance of rules regarding trees in conjunction with potential land development projects is outlined. The two primary components are Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and conservation areas. Certain trees will be given a TPO to prevent anyone from altering, damaging or disturbing them. A conservation area is similar, but instead of focusing on specific trees, it applies to all trees within a selected area.

Both of these measures require permission from Gloucester City Council before affected trees are impacted. It may not always seem clear whether a tree is under a TPO or situated in a conservation area, but an arboricultural consultant can handle these potential obstacles during a tree survey.

Assessing Trees on a Site

In a tree survey assessment, all trees on the site will be analysed by an arboricultural consultant. At this point, they will provide each tree with a grading that is determined by its condition and value. If they are in a good condition and hold value, it would be preferable to keep them on-site. However, if they are in a poor condition and hold little or no value, it may be more suitable to destroy the tree. Aside from these two options, the arborist could also decide to relocate the tree if it is worth retaining but the project is likely to disturb it.

Following the survey, the arboricultural consultant will assemble a report that includes all of their findings, as well as recommendations for how each tree should be dealt with. The development project can then continue despite the presence of trees, and the local planning authority can have the assurances they need that no natural assets will be needlessly damaged or disregarded.

Our Surveyors

If trees on your site could be disturbed due to your development, the best course of action would be to book a tree survey with a reputable consultant arboriculturist. It is likely that you will have various options for choosing a suitable arborist, but we would insist on considering Arbtech, as our team are qualified, experienced and situated across the country, including in Gloucester and neighbouring areas.

For a free quote based on your site and project, contact us today, give us your details and we will be able to talk you through the process and arrange a suitable date and time to carry out the assessment.

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