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Everything You Need to Know About Tree Surveys in Nottingham

Known for Raleigh bikes, lace-making, and most famously Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, Nottingham is a county full of historical and natural value, positioned between the Peak District and Lincoln. Boasting three nature reserves – Sherwood Forest National Nature Reserve, Attenborough Nature Reserve, and Dukes Wood Nature Reserve – and a temperate oceanic climate with plenty of precipitation, it’s no wonder Nottingham is a county bustling with an abundance of wildlife and tree species.

Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest, also known as Birklands and Bilhagh, was designated as a National Nature Reserve in 2002. The forest was once one of the vastest Royal Forests in the UK and covered 100,000, which was around a fifth of Nottinghamshire.

Sherwood is home to hundreds of species of mammal, bird, insect, plant, fungi and tree, being well-known for the collection of ancient oaks – near to 1000 of them, including the mighty Major Oak.

It is estimated that Major Oak weighs around 23 tons and has a circumference of 10 metres (33ft) and a canopy of 28 metres (92ft) – making this the largest oak tree in Britain and the biggest and best location to find these trees in Europe.

While researchers have debated the age of the tree, it is thought to be between 800 and 1,000 years old. Other individual trees in the forest are estimated to be 600 years old or more. For centuries, the oaks from the forest have been used for building. An example of this was when 10 oaks were used for the roof of St Paul’s Cathedral, London in 1790.

A Surveyor on a Recent Tree Survey in Nottingham

Nature Reserves in Nottingham

Another place brimming with biodiversity is Duke’s Wood Nature Reserve. It has a combination of conservation areas and industrial heritage sites. It is also the location of the first onshore oilfield in the UK, and along the Duke’s Wood industrial archaeological nature trail, some of the original ‘nodding donkey’ pumps have been restored.

The archaic and secondary woodland is heavily dominated by ash, oak, birch, and hazel trees along with many pretty wildflowers that thrive there, including a variety of species of wild orchid and the rare Vetch Nissola, which is only found in one other location in the UK.

Protecting trees through the use of effective tree management strategies such as Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and specifically outlined conservation areas is significant for many reasons. Trees supply us with oxygen, help reduce the levels of pollution, make our towns and villages more attractive, and lower the sound of traffic.

Tree Planting in Nottingham

Trees for Nottingham is a non-profit organisation established in 2008. They aim to raise more awareness about the importance of trees in the urban environment, encourage more tree-planting across Nottingham, and plant species in more varied locations. They also encourage local businesses to sponsor the tree-planting incentive throughout the city by presenting the necessary information about planting opportunities, publicity packages, pricing and relevant contacts.

This is why it’s crucial if you’re planning on carrying out any work to your site or property that would require a tree survey, it is vital to get in touch with a professional arboriculturist for tree surveys to appease the local planning authority, support planning applications and eliminate potential liabilities. The first step in the process would be a BS5837 Tree Survey.

An arboriculturist will come out to development sites, where they will evaluate the standard of any trees, along with any surrounding the site that could hinder your development. During tree surveys, your arboriculturist will also assess the size, (above and below ground) species and structural condition of the tree using equipment such as a Trimble device, laser measurer, and tape measures, as well as utilising an understanding of other relevant considerations such as root protection areas and the potential use of an arboricultural method statement. Based on their findings, prior knowledge and recommendations, they will then produce a tree report.

Once this has been carried out, a tree constraints plan drawing will be produced so it can be overlaid on drawings and plans. This will be a PDF and AutoCAD document that will be supplemented by tree reports that summarises the surveyed tree(s).

Don’t Delay Your Plans Any Longer

Don’t take the risk and begin your work before having a professional service such as tree surveys and tree reports carried out. Your local council could come down heavy on you, with fines expected to become unlimited.

Our tree consultancy operates tree works nationally and has several arboriculture consultants that work and live in and around the county of Nottingham and other areas of the East Midlands. Conducting the necessary tree condition surveys and tree services such as a tree management risk assessment, for example, our tree survey team in Nottingham consists of Matthew Middle, Alan Thompson and Max Bell.

A tree survey from start to finish (including written report) takes between 1-5 days, so you can expect your development plans to go ahead with a minimum of delay once you instruct an arboricultural consultancy like Arbtech. If you need more information, feel free to get in touch where one of our consultants can talk you through any questions.

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