The exploitation of graduate and entry-level ecologists

You can read my original LinkedIn post on the subject of the exploitation of graduate and entry-level ecologists here.

And a follow up here, where I set out a proposal for a Fair Pay Charter for Professional Ecologists.

These posts attracted a lot of attention, but sadly no response from CIEEM.

Consequently, I wrote an open letter to CIEEM CEO, Sally Hayns.

As promised, you can read that letter here.

Sally’s response.

And mine.


10/3/21: Sally’s reply.

At this stage it is clear to me Sally has no interest at all in acknowledging the problem is urgent. Frankly, I can’t think of anything more pressing for the management team at CIEEM to working on.

Several people have approached me about getting a voluntary-basis Fair Pay Charter set up and in the meantime, while CIEEM start the process of setting up a working group (yawn), hopefully some firms — mine included — will sign themselves up.

[Update ends]

Any further communications between CIEEM and I will be updated here in due course.

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