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I’m Robert Oates. As the founder and CEO of a leading ecological consultancy, it’s my job to tell you why you should choose Arbtech for your survey. Whether you need an expert bat survey or a robust tree report, the explanation is pretty simple. Over the last 10 years, I have tried to build a company that I think you would actually like to do business with. We have a cracking team of consultants here at Arbtech, all full-time, direct employees. Most of our arboriculturists and ecological consultants work from home or in small, office-based teams, spread throughout the country; giving us maximum geographical coverage for minimum cost and lead times. That translates directly into a cheaper, better quality service for you.

Money Back Guarantee

Buy with confidence: your local planning authority will accept our report, or your money back.

Unbeatable Price

Our low prices are a function of our ruthless attention to detail, our investment in the best technology that money can buy, and our sheer scale.

We SAVE You Money

By working smarter and harder, over the years we have saved our customers tens of millions of pounds in unnecessary delays on site.

Unbeatable Speed

Our entire business is built around speed. Instant quotes. Enquiries responded to in hours, not days. Surveys in days, not weeks.

Next Day Reports

For our most time-pressed customers, we offer a paid upgrade service where your report is guaranteed to be waiting for you by 5pm the day after your survey.

Proven Record

Your success is our success. This year, more planning applicants will choose us for their ecological or arboricultural survey than any other consultancy.
Last year, over 2,000 people in almost every county of England and Wales relied upon our friendly, straight-talking experts to deliver their arboricultural and ecological surveys. Each one of those customers, people just like you, enjoyed a 100% success rate at planning, on the basis of our advice.
When we have a problem, we like to talk to people who are straightforward, friendly and practical. We want to talk to people who are enthusiastic about solving our problems and about improving our business. And we know that you do too. Whether you're an experienced developer looking to ‘dot the Is’, or a domestic customer who needs everything explaining from the ground up, we're right here at the end of the phone and always happy to help. So how do we work? We sit here and we wait for your call. Then we listen to you intently. We make sure that we understand 'which boxes you need to tick', and then we set about ticking them off for you. It's obviously a little bit more complex than that at our end. But for you, our client, it shouldn't be, because we know that what you really care about is getting your planning consent. So if you have a planning problem on your site that relates to arboriculture, ecology or protected species, all you need to know is that we represent the path of least resistance to getting you where you want to be.
You deserve all inclusive, competitive, transparent costs that stay the same no matter who you are, or where you are located. Whether you’re in Southampton or Sunderland, our bat surveys, tree reports and ecological consultancy costs are exactly the same amount of money. And there’s no mystery – we advertise our prices right here on this web site. You deserve highly succinct, plain-English advice. You don’t want to pay for superfluous, fancy-pants, jargon-stuffed reports. Arbtech's report format is straightforward and very concise. We tell you and your local planning authority exactly what you need to know; drawing no-nonsense, pragmatic conclusions from a combination of your site survey data and our experience of many thousands of other surveys. But most of all, you deserve speed. Normally, your planning application has between 8 and 13 weeks to be decided and if our experience is anything to go by, your local planning authority has waited while to tell you that you need a survey. It's a fairly safe bet you’re reading this right now with only a couple of days or weeks left to go. So we know that speed is of the utmost importance. It gives you flexibility, peace of mind and the time to tweak your scheme and put things right. We know that to you, speed is the next best thing to money the bank.

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This is the second time we have used Arbtech for a Habitat Survey and they have always been very professional in their approach and timely in the production of their informative reports. Thanks once again for an excellent service.

Trevor Jackson – Oxford City Council

“Rob and Arbtech are efficient, commercially-minded, extremely competitive, experts at what they do, punctual and deliver to a very high standard – you couldn’t ask for more.”

George Kelly – Ramboll

“I was so pleased with the efficiency and professionalism of Arbtech. We were very concerned about the planner’s request for a bat survey, but Martin and Alex made sure that we got the information we needed and not a minute late. You can quote me on this.”

Richard Rose – Student Housing Builder

“On time and on budget. We don’t put our clients in anyone else’s hands. Any time we need a bat survey or tree report, Martin and co are our first and only call.”

Ben Beth – Creepers Design

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