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Why Choose Arbtech?

Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

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We have a wide range of ecological surveys to help you meet the requirements for your planning application and we have years of experience delivering them. We pride ourselves on providing the fastest, most cost-effective and highest quality service possible.

We only work on projects relating to planning permission and over our time in business we have seen just about every issue and found a solution for just about every problem we have come across.

The Purpose of Ecological Surveys

Ecology surveys are suitable when a development is proposed that has the potential to impact the local biodiversity in some way. An ecological survey can assess an area for valuable plants, habitats and animals so that the local planning authority has enough information to make a proper decision on whether the development would have an adverse effect on wildlife in the area.

During the survey, a trained ecologist will look around the site and make note of habitats and species found in the area at the time of the survey. Following the site visit, the ecologist will write a report detailing the findings of the survey.

An ecology survey can identify any ecological issues or constraints and help ensure that development proposals are not delayed. The survey will also enable appropriate mitigation and compensation to be put in place, to minimise any impact on habitats.

Our most common ecological survey is a preliminary ecological appraisal or phase 1 habitat survey.

We offer them at prices starting from just £599 so get in touch today for a free quote. A phase 1 habitat survey is the baseline survey. To expand on that, it is a standardised method of appraising your site for the presence of plants and animals of all types. 

We also offer simple, fast and relatively cheap ecological surveys called ecological walkover surveys. This type of survey provides you with important information about plants, animals and habitats on your site.

Our Ecological Survey Team

When Arbtech carries out any of our ecological surveys you will get a friendly, professional and highly qualified ecological consultant at your site. They will work quickly and efficiently to deliver a highly concise report so that your project suffers as little delay as possible.

Our team are all qualified to degree level or equivalent and have years of experience. You can find out more about the ecologists who could be working on your project on our about us page.

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It couldn’t be easier to get your ecological survey started. Just tell us about your project by giving us a call or dropping us a message. From there, we will take all the details we need to provide you with your free quote.

It’s up to you whether you would like to proceed with the work at this point, and if you do, one of our ecological surveyors will get in touch to arrange a date to complete your ecology survey.

Once arranged, your survey will be carried out swiftly and professionally by our ecology survey team. We’ll get your report written up and then arrange for payment to be made. Paying is very easy. Just call our friendly team at head office and they will be able to help. Get in touch now to get your project started.

Ecological Survey Reviews

We have hundreds of reviews from happy customers over the years. Here is just one example of a happy client following an Arbtech ecological survey:

Ecological Walkover Survey

A well written, professional report delivered on time. I have no hesitation recommending your services based on this commission.

We did: Ecological Walkover Survey

Date:November 5, 2018

5 stars

Andrew Scholes

Common Questions

An ecology survey aims to assess an area for valuable plants, habitats and animals so that local planning authorities have the information they need to make a proper decision on whether the development would have an adverse effect on wildlife in the area.
The time it takes will depend on the type of survey as well as the size of the development being surveyed. Some ecology surveys can be done in a matter of hours, with a report that usually follows a couple of days after the site visit.
An ecology report is a document that follows an ecologist surveying a site. The report will contain all the information a planning authority would need to decide if a development
The cost varies depending on the type of survey needed and the size of the project but our most common ecological survey starts at £599.

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