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Tree Surveys for Planning Applications

Stage 1 (always required)
From £349

BS5837 Tree Survey, Tree Constraints Plan

BS5837 tree surveys and tree constraints plan drawings are required for most planning applications where trees are on or adjacent to your site.

Stage 2 (Sometimes required)
From £249

Impact Assessment, Method Statement & Tree Protection Plan

A BS5837 tree survey needs to be done before we can carry out this service.

Stage 3 (sometimes required)
From £299

Arboricultural Supervision and Site Monitoring

You will need an impact assessmnet, method statement and tree protection plan before we can do this.

From £299

Mortgage Tree Report

If you own property / land or are thinking about buying, we can provide an assessment of how any trees on the property could affect you.

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Why Choose Arbtech?

Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Everything you need to know about Tree Surveying

Arbtech Tree Surveys
Two of our tree experts working on site.

So, you are a developer, project manager, site owner, architect or one of several other professionals and maybe you are thinking of building an extension or renovating / developing a property. If the existing or new building in question is in close proximity to trees, then you will probably need a tree survey, and our arboriculturists have over 10 years of extensive experience working with different types of tree in a wide range of areas.

What is a Tree Survey?

Tree surveys are needed because local planning authorities across the UK are required to check the impact that a new development could have on trees and vegetation.

To do this, they use a number of documents that outline the potential impact of the development. If you need a tree survey then you will need the extensive range of services of one of our experienced, trustworthy planning consultants to help your project go smoothly. When it comes down to the length of time it takes to complete your tree survey, it comes down to the arboricultural consultant you choose to do it.

The time that different consultants take to complete the work can vary quite a bit. For an experienced company like Arbtech, the time scales usually fall into the following categories:

BS5837 Tree Survey – around 1 – 5 days.
Impact assessments – between 2 – 4 days.
Method statements and tree protection plans – between 1 and 3 days.

At Arbtech, our arboriculturists don’t undertake subsidence work, or get involved with challenging conservation area boundaries, Tree Preservation Order (TPO) appeals, or bid for large scale tree safety surveys. We don’t do any of this because we are not jacks of all trades. We are the masters of one, having an unwavering focus on BS5837, trees and development.

Because helping people with tree problems secure a planning consent is all we ever do, we’ve become pretty nifty at it, and we’re justifiably proud of our reputation for being the best in the business. A reputation that we have spent well over a decade earning.

Not only are we able to complete your survey quickly and efficiently but working with us also has the following benefits:

  • We provide you with fixed prices and no hidden extras
  • We have a 98% success rate in planning
  • To make everything as simple as possible, you can book over the phone
  • We save you money by reducing delays

The Tree Survey Process

Before we do any professional tree inspections, we kick things off by asking you a few key questions. What are you planning to do, how, and where? With a site plan and that information provided, we can get your project moving forward at warp-speed. Occasionally the challenges of your project are especially demanding, and still less regularly, even our survey capacity is overwhelmed – but most of the time you’re looking at a couple or three days for your tree survey and accompanying tree report. In the majority of circumstances, you would receive your completed tree report within a few short days of one of our consultants visiting your site and getting all present trees inspected.

We can do this because of our investment in visual tree assessment technology such as tree motion sensors; our many years of experience undertaking (probably thousands and certainly) hundreds of projects that present near identical constraints and challenges to your own site; and our personal relationships and reputation among the majority of local authorities throughout the UK.

The BS5837 tree survey itself consists of one of our team of arboricultural consultants assessing all trees on the site and cross-examining their location with the specifications of your proposed project. Based on these observations, the arborist can determine whether the presence of trees will conflict with the aims of the development project, and if they do, they will need to find ways of altering the project to avoid causing harm to trees present. Then, if this isn’t possible, they can use a grading system to rate the quality, value and condition of each tree. Using this system, they can make extremely important, informed decisions for each tree that will be impacted by the development between relocating or destroying them.

Uniquely, we employ an expert team of arboriculturists and tree surveyors that are located throughout the country, so except in highly unusual circumstances, the only variable determining the tree survey cost is the number of trees you have.

How much does a tree survey cost?

In the vast majority of instances, developmental plots of land that are yet to pass a planning application have 100 trees or fewer and in response to this we developed a banded, easy to understand price structure for all of our BS5837 tree surveys: 1-20 trees, 21-50 trees and 51-100 trees; starting at just £349 plus VAT. Naturally, these prices are inclusive of our expenses. (If your site has >100 trees, just call us and we’ll get you a quote back within the hour.)

Due to the fact that our all of the surveyors in our arboricultural consultancy conduct surveys to the acceptable level, we are confident that you won’t be refused planning consent on the basis of (following) our advice. So much so, in fact, that we offer a 100%, no quibble, money-back guarantee on all of our arboricultural survey and tree report services.

Full UK Coverage

A Tree Survey Being Carried Out
The Arbtech head office

When looking for a tree surveyor to help with your project, you’ll probably be keen to find a reliable company in your local area. Arbtech arboricultural consultants cover almost all areas of the UK due to our efficient company structure.

Although many of our arboricultural surveys are done near some of the UK’s largest towns and cities, we’ll cover nearly anywhere, so speak to our team today and we’ll get a free quote out to you.

Tree Surveys Made Simple

Arbtech tree surveyors carrying out a tree survey in Surrey

To get a tree surveyor (arboriculturalist) working on your project, all you need to do is call our friendly team of arboricultural surveyors or contact us using the quote form. We’ll ask for the information we need to provide a quote and we will send you a detailed quote explaining all you need to know about tree surveying.

If you want to proceed with the tree survey then you just let us know using the booking form that we provide and we will then arrange a date to complete the work.

When you request a quote from us, there is no obligation to proceed with the work at all, so you’ve got nothing to lose by getting in touch and obtaining a quote for tree survey almost anywhere in the UK. If you have any questions at all, whether it’s about individual trees on your site or details your planning process, protected trees, Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs), or if you simply want more information about any of the services we provide such as the visual tree assessment or high quality tree reports, then please get in touch and our knowledgeable team at the head office in Chester will be happy to help.

Health and Safety Tree Surveys

As well as tree surveys for planning, we frequently undertake tree surveys for health and safety purposes. Some of our private or commercial clients may need a survey to check if single trees on their property pose a risk. We can carry out a survey to help with this.

Tree Survey Feedback

We have hundreds of 5 star reviews on our reviews page. Here is one example of the great feedback we get from our clients…

Arboricultural Method Statement, Tree Protection Plan

Matt was very quick to pick up the file and realised the importance of getting it done ASAP so we could amend our planning application. Matt also made us aware of the negative areas we had within the application and those that could possible effect a decision in our favour.

Great feedback and attention to detail throughout the process.

We did: Tree Surveys

Date:September 5, 2018

5 stars

Sam Warren

Common Questions

The time it takes to do a tree survey depends on the size of the site and the type of survey and can vary quite a lot. Most developments fall into one of three categories: 1-20 trees, 21-50 trees and 51-100 trees.In the majority, for all of these size sites the tree inspection itself is something like a day on site and another back in in the office.We generally write the report for your survey within a couple of days after visiting your site. We also have a paid upgrade service, if you're really up against it, so you can get a 24 hours turnaround for your tree survey, whether you're in Manchester or Maidenhead.
If a site has less than 20 trees, we generally provide surveys at a starting price of £349+VAT. The total price will vary depending on the size of the project and the type of surveys that you will need.Other factors affecting the cost include the level of survey data we need to collect, which may include things like shading analysis in addition to the more standard canopy spreads and root protection areas that BS5837 demands of a tree survey. Get a free, no obligation quote today.
A tree survey is an assessment, usually made by a qualified arboriculturist, of a tree or group of trees in terms of their structural and physiological condition, which together with a BS837 categorisation (A, B, C or U).This helps achieve the aim of providing useful information on the trees so that property owners can decide what do do with their trees, and understand how they can impact their property or development.
This type of survey is needed for development sites with trees (on or abutting them) that could be affected during the design, demolition or construction phases.BS5837 is the British Standard for Trees in relation to design, demolition and construction. The latest version of BS5837 was published in 2012.
We undertake our tree surveys, inspections and arboricultural assessments all over the UK, Ireland, the States of the Crown Dependancies and various Islands.
Our tree surveyors and consultants have worked at Arbtech for an average of 8 years, some for more than 15 years. In that time they will have completed thousands of surveys to help clients gain a planning consent, approve a mortgage, or manage the risk of their trees to the general public.
Normally, 1-3 days post survey. This will depend upon how complex your site is, the QC process and how many trees you have.You can pay for an upgraded Next Working Day report service for a small premium.

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