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"At this company, employees come first. Every time. Ask the directors of the firm you work at currently, what's at heart of their business' strategy and success, and they start talking about client relationships. What they should be talking about is employee relationships."

Rob Oates, Director

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Why Work Here?

We work hard to make sure Arbtech is a great place to work and employees are happy and motivated. Here are just a few of the things we focus on to make working here as attractive as possible.



Market leading salaries, medical insurance, a cash bonus scheme administered by employees, a Christmas bonus, and paid over-time.



Structured career progression, in-house training and development tailored to your needs, high level support from senior colleagues whenever you need it.



Flexible working, autonomy over your working day, the power to take decisions for yourself and generous holiday allowance.



Our company culture is happy, inclusive, supportive and second to none.



Private medical insurance, free gym memberships and a free fitbit to encourage health and wellbeing.



Regular meet ups for all-expenses paid meals, days out and other events. Recent examples are all expense paid trips to Spain and Prague.

iPad, Company phone, laptop and the latest in scientific/technology investments.

A comprehensive in-house training and development programme, tailored to you.

Opportunities to get involved in marketing and other non-scientific functions.

A cash bonus scheme, determined by employees, not 'bosses'.

Dedicated people take care of sales, marketing, and credit control so you can be undistracted from the work you love.

An extra 4 days paid holiday for personal interest, conservation or R&D projects.

Our Culture

We realised a long time ago that setting ourselves the goal of being the number one career destination of choice for arboriculturists and ecologists was the path we needed to tread. It meant us putting our employees unequivocally before everything else, and in hindsight, it was definitely the right choice.

Completely flexible working hours, an unlimited continuing professional development budget and a flat management structure, regular outings and away days and letting our employees decide their own bonuses are just a few of the perks of working here, but really they're only part of a much wider and deeper culture.

Why do we do all of this? We do it for you. Because happy employees, truly happy ones, will move heaven and earth for you, our client, week in and week out, without the faintest grumble. Nothing is too much trouble for them. That's how we offer weekend survey appointments, next working day reports and on occasion, same day surveys and reports!

What do 'Arbtechers' say about working here?

We work hard to make this a good place to work but it’s what our employees think that matters. Here’s what they have to say about working at Arbtech...

It's hard to explain what it's like for me working at Arbtech, without it sounding cheesy or coerced, but I love it! I genuinely could not picture myself working anywhere else. In fact that's probably the one down side of working here, I've been truly spoilt. The giant list of perks it’s the most obvious metric to explain to people how great a company it it's to work for. All of the usual perks people mention about jobs... company car allowance, laptop, iPad, phone etc, are barely even considered perks here, they're just tools for the job. Arbtech offers real perks, like unlimited paid for CPD, gym memberships, audible subscriptions, amazing staff socials both in the UK and abroad, your birthday off, the option to buy or sell extra holiday days, the list goes on and on and on.

However, even though the perks are amazing, they're not the reason I love working here, the real reason is the freedom. Work comes in, it gets allocated and from there it's all down to me to organise my own time. There is no micro-manging or interference what-so-ever. I decide when and how the work gets done, if I want to get up at 06:00 and get work out of the way early or get started after rush hour, it's all my choice. If I need to drop the car off for an MOT or go to the doctors, there are no timecards or check-ups, it's genuine trust that you will get the work done to a high standard and on time.

If your clients are happy and your work is done, you're your boss. That does not mean it's easy work by any means, it can be hard, it's a lot to juggle and it's full accountability, but if you can handle the pressure of that and manage your own time, it's genuine freedom. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely for me!

Aran Nearn - Consultant

I'm sure you have read about all the perks to working at Arbtech: extremely competitive salaries, unlimited CPD budget, generous holiday allowance, free iPad, gym membership…. You name it, we get it! This might be what initially attracts you to the company, but if you are lucky enough to get hired (it’s pretty tricky these days), I'm willing to bet that you will be staying for the culture.

Being an Arbtech employee is extremely hard work – long hours, large workloads and you are often thrown into situations which you don’t necessarily know how to deal with (like breaking the bad news to a client that they need bat surveys…). Senior members of staff are always available to give advice, but otherwise, you are pretty much left to get on with it. This means you make mistakes (of course) but you learn very quickly; I am accelerating my career much faster than I could have done at another, more traditional company.

Being in charge of my own projects is one of the things I love most about working here. Additionally, I am treated as an adult and allowed to choose my own working hours. This is so important to me, as it enables me to have a work-life balance – something that is basically unheard of as a junior ecologist!

I had imagined it might get lonely being a home-based ecologist, but we have a lively chat app for keeping in touch with each other, plus amazing socials, both in the UK and abroad. The team at Head Office are lovely and you can always count on them to help out if you need anything. I couldn't imagine a nicer bunch of people to work with!

Nicole Gullan - Consultant

My first contact with Arbtech was via their introductory training program ASSET, which is a course aimed at equipping those who wish to enter the consultancy sector with the necessary baseline skills and experiences. Following this training course and subsequent shadowing and sub-contracting with the company, I was offered a full-time with Arbtech as an ecological consultant. Having seen how Arbtech was run as a business and having met some of the staff and higher management, I had known for a while that Arbtech was a company I wanted to work for.

Since day one I've counted myself lucky to be able to work for Arbtech. That's not to say that it's "easy" working for Arbtech. As with anything rewarding you have to put the effort in, but the rewards with Arbtech have been unlike anywhere else I’ve worked.

The role itself allows complete time flexibility (you arrange your own surveys and working hours) and the chance to progress and learn new skills (unlimited CPD budget and the opportunity to learn from highly experienced consultants). There’s also an abundant list of perks including a gym membership allowance, a fitness watch, vitality health insurance, an audible subscription (perfect for driving to site), paid-to-read incentives, and best of all awesome staff socials including trips abroad.

But best part of Arbtech is the team itself. Not only are there some of the most experienced consultants in the country (which is great for a newbie in consultancy!), but they are also the most welcoming and friendly bunch of people I’ve ever worked with, that includes our head office team who are always there to offer support when you need them. Since working with Arbtech I’ve received assistance from every individual in the company and feel comfortable in approaching anyone for advice. Team Arbtech is the best!

Mel Reid - Consultant

I became a member of the Arbtech family in March 2020 and WOW what a company! There are many great perks to working form Arbtech, private medical insurance, gym memberships, options to purchase extra holidays, your birthday off, ‘cheers mate’ and many many more. Whilst all the perks are absolutely amazing the thing that I love the most is the gratitude that you receive for carrying out the job you are paid to do!

I absolutely adore every member of Arbtech, they are always there to provide assistance and support when the need arises, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

I have learnt so much in the short time that I have been employed and I absolutely love my job and everything about it! Don’t get me wrong the job is fast paced and there are days when you feel like you are never going to get on top of things, but I thrive from that.

Amongst this Rob is one of the kindest and most genuine employers I have ever known, and I cannot imagine working anywhere else.

Clare Murphy - Administrator

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Current Vacancies

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Earn money and gain experience by working with us as a subcontractor.

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