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"At this company, employees come first. Every time. Ask the directors of the firm you work at currently, what's at heart of their business' strategy and success, and they start talking about client relationships. What they should be talking about is employee relationships."

Rob Oates, Director

Why Work Here?

Good question. Let's try to answer that!

Look on the web sites of most of our peers and you'll notice almost everyone calls themselves a 'leading' consultancy these days. And yet, very little differentiates them from one another.

They all claim to be masters of a dozen or more disciplines, work in every region (even globally), for all types of clients, and in all sectors. Often, the reality couldn't be further from the truth.

So, here's a refreshingly honest outlook. We're actually different...

We almost exclusively serve the planning and development sector. We only undertake arboricultural and ecological consultancy.

We pretty much only work in England and Wales. We don't market for work - the work comes to us (the majority of our work is repeat business). We frequently refuse to work for clients big and small that try to cut corners, or who don't appeal to our sense of fair play.

How does this make a tangible difference to the place you work?...

Our focus and concentration on a few niches allows us to be a genuine leader in those sectors. And that's good for business. We're solidly profitable and not afraid to talk about it. Profit isn't a dirty word. Growing our profits allows us to provide you with opportunities that are very difficult to come by elsewhere.

So, if you're looking for an ecology job or tree surveyor job, Arbtech may be the place for you.

Current Vacancies

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Subcontracting & Seasonal Work

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Employee Benefits

We work hard to make sure Arbtech is a great place to work and employees are happy and motivated. Here are just a few of the things we focus on to make working here as attractive as possible.



Market leading salaries, medical insurance, a cash bonus scheme administered by employees, a Christmas bonus, and paid over-time.



Structured career progression, in-house training and development tailored to your needs, high level support from senior colleagues whenever you need it.



Flexible working, autonomy over your working day, the power to take decisions for yourself and generous holiday allowance.



Our company culture is happy, inclusive, supportive and second to none. Regular meet ups for all-expenses paid meals, days out and other events.

  • iPad, Company phone, laptop and the latest in scientific/technology investments.
  • Opportunities to get involved in marketing and other non-scientific functions.
  • Dedicated people take care of sales, marketing, and credit control so you can be undistracted from the work you love.
  • A comprehensive in-house training and development programme, tailored to you.
  • A cash bonus scheme, determined by employees, not 'bosses'.
  • An extra 4 days paid holiday for personal interest, conservation or R&D projects.

What do 'Arbtechers' say about working here?

We work hard to make this a good place to work but it’s what our employees think that matters. Here’s what they have to say about working at Arbtech...

"A dynamic and entrepreneurial place to work, with plenty of opportunities to progress. The culture of employee empowerment is really important here, which is so different to other places I've worked".Alexandra Ashton

"Arbtech is fast-paced and dynamic, and provides me with a very different work experience from a “typical” consultancy. Unlimited training opportunities; overtime for evening surveys; and in-house training landholdings are all good examples of how working for Arbtech is very unique. The company’s business model sets it apart from its competitors – this is challenging but ultimately very rewarding".Chris Formaggia

"Working for Arbtech has so many benefits. I have learnt so much on the job through a diversity of field survey work and desk based assessment, and also through our unlimited CPD budget. I love being able to manage my own time and work from home, and to be given the opportunity to create and maintain professional relationships with clients in my local area and further afield. Every day is different, and I meet some fantastic people and visit some incredible places. The Arbtech team are a lovely bunch and we genuinely enjoy our time together when we meet up for staff socials throughout the year. I honestly can’t imagine working anywhere else".Natalie Evans

"What really makes Arbtech stand out is that culture is at the heart of the business, which is what makes working for Arbtech so fulfilling and enjoyable! My time with Arbtech has given me a wealth of knowledge and experience in various areas of the business and has encouraged me to develop a myriad of skills which have enriched both my work life and personal life. I love working at Arbtech as I’m surrounded by great people, in a fast paced and exciting environment, working diligently to assist our clients in achieving their planning and development goals".Emma Gray

"Arbtech is a unique business built on its culture and a robust set of values. Our Staff are our most valuable commodity and as such, we invest heavily in them. As a business we work hard, demanding honesty and integrity. But we reward well too".Julia Robinson

Like the Sound of Working at Arbtech?

Now you know what it's like to work here, why not take the next step and see if there are any ecology jobs, arboriculture jobs or business support jobs that may be suitable for you.

Current Vacancies

Take a look at the openings we currently have and start your application.

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Subcontracting & Seasonal Work

Earn money and gain experience by working with us as a subcontractor.

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