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Covering all areas of the UK, we provide effective tree surveys via highly-skilled arboricultural consultants. Our leading arboricultural consultancy holds all the expertise to move developments into latter stages.

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Why Choose Arbtech?

Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Looking for a Trustworthy Arboricultural Consultancy?

For any land development projects on sites where trees are present, you will need an experienced and reputable arboricultural consultancy to carry out a tree survey and any other necessary assessments.

Likewise, professional members of a tree consultancy should not only be qualified to undertake tree surveys, conduct tree inspections and produce high quality tree reports, but also hold an acceptable level of consideration to factor in protected trees, trees under statutory protection or an existing tree preservation order (TPO) and single trees in a conservation area, gauge the physiological and structural condition of individual trees, adhere to rules around woodland management and the planning system, and provide arboricultural advice to reduce risk and benefit both the planning process and applications for planning permission.

A Unique Arboricultural Consultancy

A handful of fundamental components make Arbtech stand out from other arboricultural consultancies, such as the fact that we insist on providing a full money-back guarantee to clients if the local planning authority rejects the tree report we put forward to support planning applications.

Although everyone at Arbtech has a comprehensive understanding of the services we offer, the planning system as a whole and the relevant technical terms, our arb team ensures clear communication, with all potentially confusing slang related to a tree condition survey removed, regardless of whether you are contacting us over email, phone using the phone number above or via social media.

Another benefit to choosing us over another arboricultural consultancy is that we offer a paid upgrade service that enables clients running to strict deadlines to receive their tree survey report by 5pm the next day.

You will also find that our tree surveyors are situated all over the country and home-based, giving us the optimum level of efficiency when it comes to making our tree surveys cost effective and enabling us to offer a tree survey cost that our clients can factor in to their budget. Operating in this way contributes to reducing otherwise unnecessary costs such as the price of travel and other relatable expenses. Our unique reporting and client service also helps to eliminate damaging waiting periods and cater to clients in different sections of the UK, ranging from England to Wales, Scotland to Northern Ireland, and even parts of mainland Europe.

Read Our Client Reviews

Naturally, we think our arb services are the best, but if you want evidence, you can read through the thousands of positive reviews from past and present clients. Check out the reaction from our clients on our ‘Reviews’ page or read some examples from recent arboricultural assessments we’ve carried out below:

Impressive company. We needed a tree report completed before our mortgage lenders would offer our mortgage. Arbtech were so helpful in explaining what we needed; they were so prompt especially after we explained the time sensitivity of our job. They didn’t just meet deadlines, they got the work done before them. The people were all lovely and very helpful.

Emily Walsh

The detailed report and knowledge offered from Jo made the navigation through the arboricultural process smooth. Her expertise and willingness to assist at short notice was a welcome relief to us at Cheshire Barn Homes and we would recommend their services.

Rhys Nevett

The response time was excellent and I was kept in touch with what was happening throughout the process. Alan’s explanations and proactive responses to me and the architect were just what was needed

Owen Davies

Matt provided a very high level of service, working efficiently and flexibly to suit our needs. This resulted in a successful planning application approval.

James Chapman

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Arboricultural Consultancy

Prior to getting in touch for a quote, you may have some questions about our arboricultural consultancy, our tree consultants, and the tree services we provide. Below, we have answered a selection of frequently asked questions we are often met with:

What is an Arboricultural Consultancy?

An arboricultural consultancy is a service aimed at conducting crucial assessments and offering impactful support on issues with direct relation to trees, perennial plants, shrubs and vines. If a land development project is being carried out on land where trees are present, an arboriculturist will possess the necessary expertise to determine appropriate next steps that will allow the development to progress despite the presence of nearby trees in close proximity.

As such, the tree surveying, reporting and client service an arboricultural consultancy provides is critical for any land development project, particularly as existing UK legislation such as the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, for example, demands that relevant arboricultural surveys are undertaken before a planning application can be considered by the corresponding local authorities. By refusing to acknowledge the need for this level of expert guidance, the consequences could be significant, causing delays, denied planning consent, a breach of UK law and, potentially, an entire collapse of the development project.

Arboricultural Consultancy Services

Through the utilisation of several core services, an arboricultural consultancy offers effective delivery of impactful solutions to clients from a mix of industries, including private development projects for members of the general public and commercial developments for professional purposes. At a baseline level, a British standard arboricultural assessment known as a BS5837 tree survey would be conducted to provide tree care and assess the tree health of trees present on a site before developing effective and reasonable measures for going ahead with the development, even with trees present.

Using accurate information from the assessment, answers to common questions asked to tree owners or developers involved in the process, and the life expectancy, evidence of present tree pests, signs of tree failure, minorly or massively flawed potential hazards caused by trees, and the physiological condition of the trees, the arboriculturist will then determine the most suitable outcome for each tree between retaining them, moving them elsewhere inside or outside of the site, or destroying them.

A BS5837 tree survey is stage one in the arboricultural assessment process, with an impact assessment, method statement and tree protection plan being stage two, and arboricultural supervision and site monitoring being stage three. Within this structure, a stage two survey can only be carried out once a stage one survey has been conducted, and the same applies to a stage three survey in regards to a stage two survey.

An even more extensive overview of trees on the site, an Arboricultural Impact Assessment (AIA) may be required following the completion of a BS5837 tree survey, covering above ground and below ground conflicts as well as shading and future pressures for works or removals. The local planning authority could request this level of analysis as a result of not being fully satisfied with the findings of the BS5837 tree survey.

Under equally as rare circumstances, the same could happen with arboricultural supervision and monitoring if the findings of an AIA are unsatisfactory in the eyes of the local authority. However, rather than delving into more information on how the project could affect trees situated on the site, now or in the future, arboricultural supervision and site monitoring enables tree consultants to periodically inspect trees on the site.

Arboricultural Consultancy Skills

Professionals working in arboriculture benefit from possessing a wide range of fundamental skills. First and foremost, an arboriculturist must have a thorough understanding of trees, perennial plants, shrubs and vines, a meticulous sense of observation, easily understandable communication, presentation and – if they aren’t native – a grasp of the English language, thorough and extensive report writing, working knowledge of tree preservation orders (TPOs) and tree management in conservation areas, and relevant qualifications in the practice of arboriculture, environmental management, nature conservation or preservation.

As all arboricultural roles are based around trees and other forms of plant life, it is crucial that tree consultants hold an aptitude for working outdoors, potentially in unpleasant weather for prolonged periods of time. Due to the requirement to reach high up particularly tall trees, a reasonably strong level of physical fitness and a feeling of comfort working with heights are key.

Arboricultural Consultancy Report

Upon completion of any form of arboricultural assessment, the tree consultant will produce comprehensive arboricultural reports that detail the surveys in their entirety. Along with baseline information explaining the purpose of the survey and the methods used to carry them out, an arboricultural report will also include case specific recommendations that will advise the local planning authority on effective tree management and enable the land development project to go ahead.

Once a tree survey or another type of arboricultural assessment such as a pre-purchase tree survey, for instance, has been conducted, tree reports will be passed on to the client, and the client is then able to submit them to the corresponding local council as part of the application for planning permission. If necessary, the evidence will also be supported by relevant imagery including maps, graphs and pictures to help the process of getting across effective mitigation measures to the local authority and increase the likelihood of gaining a successful application for planning consent.

How do I pick a suitable Arboricultural Consultancy?

Over the course of choosing one of the top companies to provide effective delivery of arboricultural consultancy services and solutions, it is easy to assume that you would prefer to find a service provider that offers quality, tangible results, and a solid track record for pleasing clients and offering the utmost customer care. Although you are likely to find several viable options, only Arbtech has the sheer number of positive reviews, along with qualified, experienced arboriculturists situated across the length and breadth of the UK.

That said, you can read more about what exactly makes our arboricultural consultancy service line and overall process unique by reading our ‘About Us’ page, with staff profiles on the professionals that will be covering the inspection of your site and more information on how our approach is different from the rest of businesses delivering tree condition surveys and providing arboricultural services over the country.

We also pride ourselves on maintaining a policy for competitive prices on the assessments we provide that reflect a high standard without being out of reach for the average developer. Each quote for our clients is calculated based on the specifications of the project and site to guarantee that you aren’t paying over the odds for a quality service.

an arborist gauging the quality and value of trees on-site

Arboricultural Consultants, Arboricultural Surveyors, Tree Consultants, Tree Surveyors and Arboriculturists

Across the sections of our website that reference the arboricultural services we provide, we refer to our experts in a number of ways, including as a professional tree surveyor, tree consultant, arboricultural consultant, arboricultural surveyor or arboriculturist.

You may be wondering if each of these roles are separate from one another and fulfil varying purposes. In fact, all of them are different titles given to the same role for our members of staff that are qualified and capable to conduct arboricultural surveys. However, it is equally important to note that the role of a chartered arboriculturist is different to that of a chartered forester, tree surgeon or a qualified arborist.

For more detailed information, we’ve answered some of the most common questions on our tree surveyors in the section below:

What does an Arboricultural Surveyor do?

An arboricultural surveyor is an expert consultant that carries out the services we offer. Between an equal balance of suitable training and necessary experience – as well as efforts to remain involved with the latest and highest standards from within the arboriculture industry and corresponding organisations – our arboriculturists possess all of the relevant working knowledge and skills to undertake tree assessments.

Unlike tree surgeons or the role of a qualified arborist, arboricultural consultant jobs revolve around delivering tree condition surveys on land and infrastructure projects, providing a risk assessment and the corresponding comprehensive arboricultural reports in relation to trees. Through a combination of these interlinking factors, we can assure a top quality service that should benefit your application for planning consent.

Are your Arboricultural Consultants Qualified?

All of our arboriculturists hold the required qualifications including university degrees and further qualifications that enable them to specialise in certain areas. For example, principle arboriculturist Matt Middle has the necessary experience and qualifications to act as our lead when it comes to risk assessments, and Matt Edwards and Nicole Gullan, for instance, are trained in both arboriculture and ecology.

For well over a decade, we have stood out as one of very few companies hiring arboricultural consultants using a meticulous process that only offers a permanent position to a tree surveyor with the necessary individual requirements, such as an understanding of arboricultural services, tree condition surveys and tree protection plans, and capability to produce a completed report with a full range of informed decisions and all the information that will benefit development plans during any new development and support planning applications.

Tree consultants within our continuously expanding arboricultural consultancy also hold links to and possess professional recognition from organisations and governing bodies that enforce the highest standards when it comes to tree services such as the Arboricultural Association and the Royal Forestry Society.

Additionally, each chartered arboriculturist in our ranks possesses their own vehicle, has a fully clean UK driving license and will independently travel to your development site, giving them the freedom to be just as capable of visiting head office as they are of visiting your development site for tree condition surveys.

As such, each arboricultural consultant can attend your site in the North West, North East, Yorkshire and the Humber, West Midlands, East Midlands, London, East of England, South West or South East of England, or sections of Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and areas outside of the UK upon request. Using this level of initiative, we are able to actively market to any part of the country and beyond, and cater to any potential issues you may have and assist in numerous areas of your application for planning permission.

What does a Tree Consultant need to Conduct a Survey?

During an assessment on trees, an arboricultural consultant will need to gather certain pieces of information through approaching the process in a calculated manner. As a starting point, they will need to use their observation skills and a selection of appropriate tools to assess trees on the site.

A pre-established grading system will then be used to determine the condition and quality of each tree, with the results of this exercise playing a key role in forming the basis for the tree consultant’s sound decisions and recommendations to the local planning authority.

What Equipment do Arboricultural Surveyors use?

Various tools are required for an arboriculturist to carry out a tree survey or similar assessment correctly. Climbing kits and ladders for climbing trees, tape measures for calculating the circumference of tree trunks, binoculars for inspecting the site, and a compass for gauging the location of each tree are often universal, as are simple items such as a clipboard, paper, pens and a camera.

Depending on the tree surveyor conducting the survey and the site, project and type of assessment, it may also be necessary to use other tools such as an acoustic hammer, digital / electronic survey data device, height measuring device, laser probe and laser range finder. Additionally, different types of pruning swords, secateurs or trowels would be needed if the arboricultural consultant needed to take samples from the site.

Considering the often unpleasant weather conditions in the UK, the fact that tree surveys need to be conducted outdoors, and the potentially hazardous act of climbing up trees and handling rough or prickly plants, arboriculturists need to dress appropriately. In terms of mandatory items of clothing, high visibility (hi vis) jackets and personal protection equipment (PPE), and wellies or boots depending on the nature of the site and the weather, are advisable.

Additional items may be needed based on the site such as a helmet if, for instance, the arboriculturist is tree surveying a construction site. A toolkit or trousers with multiple pockets would also help for carrying all of the important tools and equipment items. However, jeans are often avoided due to how easily they can get wet and drag them down during wet or distinctly bad weather.

an arboricultural consultant assessing trees on a site

Speak to Arbtech about our Arboricultural Surveys

Our team of arboriculturists has all of the skills and qualifications to assist you with a planning project. To make the first step with Arbtech, simply contact us, give us details about your project and site, and we will get back to you at the next possible opportunity with a free, no-obligation quote.

Once you have looked over the quote, if you decide to move forward, all you need to do is return the quote form back to us and we can decide a desirable date and time to come to your site and carry out the survey. During the survey, one of our tree consultants will attend your site, and you will receive the all-important tree survey report within a few days of completion.

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