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Ecological Report for BREEAM Assessments

Our qualified BREEAM assessors can help you earn cost effective LE02-LE05 credits for your development with simple, practical actions for ecological enhancement.

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What is BREEAM?

BREEAM is the Building Research Establishment Assessment Method for buildings. BREEAM sets industry best practices for sustainable design and is recognised across the UK as a way of describing a buildings environmental performance. Building a new home BREEAM standards and best practices helps new buildings minimise environmental impact.

Why Use Arbtech?

We have a great deal of in house experience with BREEAM. Our senior consultant Charlotte Hammond is a licenced BREEAM assessor with years of experience in this field.

Not only this, but Arbtech’s ecologists are highly regarded by the Building Research Establishment (BRE.)

In 2011, the BRE Guidance Note GN01 for BREEAM and Code for Sustainable Homes Assessors, Arbtech are credited as producing sample reports as the benchmark for reference.

The BRE consider our extended phase 1 habitat survey and BREEAM ecology reports to be thorough yet concise, and were so impressed by them they asked for our written permission to use them as the standard by which others are assessed. Kim Dine, BREEAM Technical Consultant for the BRE contacted Robert Oates, managing director at Arbtech, to ask permission to use an outstanding example of a BREEAM Ecology Report she had come across, in the 2011 BREEAM training sessions for all Assessors.

Kim Dine, BREEAM Technical Consultant, BRE Global says:

“Further to our telephone conversation I would like to confirm that BRE Global would like to use your document BREEAM Ecology Assessment (attached) for training purposes on BREEAM courses run by BRE Global as an outstanding example of documentary evidence which may be given to an assessor carrying out a BREEAM assessment. The document may be used in both in and out of classroom on exercises and so may be copied and distributed to students.”

If you’re low on BREEAM credits and hoping to pick up some for Land Use and Ecology, we’d be happy to help. Please note that you will require an ecological site survey in order to produce your BREEAM ecology report.


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