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Ecology Survey Calendar

Everything you need to know about ecology survey timings

Due to a number of factors, such as behaviours of the species in question, geographic location and weather conditions, the majority of ecology surveys can only be carried out at certain times of the year.

Without the necessary protected species surveys, property and land development projects will be unable to progress into future stages, particularly the all-important task of gaining planning permission from the corresponding local planning authority.

The survey calendar for each protected species will vary based on the environmental requirements of the specific animal, habitat suitability, potential roost features and their biological makeup. However, all protected species surveys have a best time – or optimal period – for conducting the assessment, as well as a suboptimal period where it is technically feasible to carry out ecological surveys, and certain months out of season, in nesting season where animal species are in their hibernation roosts and therefore unavailable for analysis.

That said, the varying hibernation behaviours of animals from species to species mean that some may be available throughout the year while others may only be active during winter months, summer months or solely a handful of months all year round. For example, otter surveys and Habitat Suitability Index (HSI) surveys can be undertaken any time in the year and are unaffected by an active season or breeding season.

It could also be the case that further surveys may be required, prompting a handful of ecological survey visits to a different habitat type, if the survey identifies other animal species on the site. If this were to happen and multiple visits were needed, or if you simply want more information on the ecology surveys we offer, you can learn more about our ecological consultancy.

As suitable times play such a significant role in the ability to book ecology surveys, ensuring that seasonal constraints are taken into consideration will guarantee a smooth planning process and prevent unnecessary delays to your project. To benefit the time management of your development project and the likely restrictions of your general project timescales, you will find the survey season of every protected species survey below.

Bat Emergence and Re-Entry Survey (BERS)

Bat Survey Season

Optimal: May to September

Suboptimal: April and October

Out of Season: November to March

Preliminary Roost Assessment (PRA)

PRA Season

Optimal: January to December

Suboptimal: Not Applicable

Out of Season: Not Applicable

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) / Phase 1 Habitat Survey

PEA Season

Optimal: April to October

Suboptimal: November to March

Out of Season: Not Applicable

Great Crested Newt Survey

Great Crested Newt Survey Season

Optimal: April to May

Suboptimal: March and June

Out of Season: July to February

(Additionally, it is worth noting that an eDNA survey for great crested newts is typically carried out in the optimum time between April and June)

Badger Survey

Badger Survey Season

Optimal: October to April

Suboptimal: May to September

Out of Season: Not Applicable

Breeding Dormouse Survey

Dormouse Survey Season

Optimal: April to November

Suboptimal: Not Applicable

Out of Season: December to March

A dormouse retrieved during a dormouse survey

Reptile Survey

Reptile Survey Season

Optimal: April to May, September

Suboptimal: March, October, and June to August

Out of Season: November to February

Nesting Bird Check

Nesting Bird Check Season

Optimal: March to August

Suboptimal: Not Applicable

Out of Season: September to February

Breeding Bird Survey

Breeding Bird Survey Season

Optimal: March to June

Suboptimal: July

Out of Season: August to February

Barn Owl Survey

Barn Owl Survey Season

Optimal: January to December

Suboptimal: Not Applicable

Out of Season: Not Applicable

Invasive Species Survey

Invasive Species Survey Season

Optimal: April to September

Suboptimal: October to March

Out of Season: Not Applicable

Water Vole Survey

Water Vole Survey Season

Optimal: April to September

Suboptimal: Not Applicable

Out of Season: October to March

Arbtech Ecology Survey Calendar

Ecology survey calendar

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