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Ecologists for Bat Surveys in Lincolnshire

Predominantly green, Lincolnshire is a county in the East Midlands consisting of seven districts, with over half classed as rural. Housing cliffs, fens, hills and marshes, the county of Lincolnshire presents an immense strength in biodiversity and a multitude of opportunities for various animal species to create viable habitats.

One such protected animal species present in Lincolnshire is bats, and as they are listed as a protected species, specialist bat surveys are required before a property or land development project on a site that has evidence of bats or the potential for bat roosts to exist can be carried out.

Bats in Lincolnshire

11 of the 18 recognised species of UK bats have been spotted in Lincolnshire. Of these bat species, the most common in the county are the Barbastelle bat (Barbastella barbastellus), Brown long-eared bat (Plecotus auritus), Daubenton’s bat (Myotis daubentonii), Leisler’s bat (Nyctalus leisleri), Natterers bat (Myotis nattereri), Noctule bat (Nyctalus noctula) and the three species of pipistrelle bat – the common pipistrelle bat (Pipistrellus pipistrellus), soprano pipistrelle bat (Pipistrellus pygmaeus) and Nathusius’ pipistrelle bat (Pipistrellus nathusii).

Despite being legally protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 – preventing the capturing, disturbing, injuring, killing, obstructing or possessing of any bat species – a report from the Greater Lincolnshire Nature Partnership claims that legislation hasn’t prevented bat populations from plummeting over the last 100 years.

Conservation for Inhabiting Bats

Throughout Lincolnshire county, inhabiting species of bats are protected by the Lincolnshire Bat Group. Formed in 1983, the group was the result of several smaller groups joining together under the umbrella of LBG. Within their constitution, the aims of the group are outlined, including promoting bat conservation to Lincolnshire residents, supporting corresponding authorities with the statutory protection of bats, and undertaking research on bat behaviour and distribution.

They also stage events across the county to inform members of the general public about bats, behaviours and interests of relevant species, and effective methods of preserving their habitats. For more information on the work they do for local bat species, it would be advisable to visit their website.

Arranging a Lincolnshire Bat Survey

Whenever a property or plot of land requires planning consent from the local planning authority before any alterations can be made, it would also need any applicable surveys. If, for example, bats, indicators or evidence of bats such as droppings or the carcasses of prey, or even potential crevasses that could be suitable bat roosting locations, a bat survey would be needed, starting with a preliminary roost assessment (PRA) to determine whether bats are in fact roosting on the premises.

If they are, a bat emergence and re-entry survey (BERS) would be needed to gauge the likely entry and exit points and identify the specific bat species present on the site.

Based on the results of these assessments, the ecologist will develop suitable mitigation measures to allow the development to continue despite the presence of bats. It could include altering the planning project to avoid areas where bats are roosting, or if that isn’t possible, safely relocating the bats or building bat boxes in more suitable areas on the site.

Although a Preliminary Roost Assessment can be carried out all year round, bat emergence and re-entry Surveys can only be conducted outside of the species’ hibernation between May and September. However, both types of bat surveys can be booked in advance at any time of year.

To arrange a bat survey in Lincolnshire, get in touch with Arbtech using the form at the bottom of this page or via the options on the ‘Contact Us‘ page. Our team will then provide any further information about bat surveys and give you a free quote based on the specifications of your project and site.

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