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A Preliminary Bat Survey in Stockport

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Arbtech was contacted by a client who required a preliminary bat survey for planning permission in Stockport. A preliminary bat survey is also known as a preliminary roost assessment (PRA) and a phase one bat survey. The bat survey was requested by Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council. The client and his neighbour had a joint planning application. The proposals involved two-storey extensions on two adjoining properties.

About the area

Stockport is an industrial and market town located in Greater Manchester. The survey site was nearby to Mersey Vale Nature Park, which is designated as a local nature reserve (LNR) and a Site of Biological Importance (SBI). The nature reserve will provide suitable habitat for bat such as common and soprano pipistrelles, species that a commonly widespread in the local area. The River Mersey runs adjacent to the nature reserve.

What happened during the survey?

The preliminary bat survey involved the surveyor carrying out an internal inspection into the loft spaces within the two properties. The internal search was to look for bat evidence such as droppings, feeding remains, urine stains and live bats. The loft spaces were also inspected for any access points into the loft, such as gaps in the roof lining, gaps in the eaves and brickwork. As the loft spaces were well maintained, the were no bat access points into the loft. The surveyor also carried out an external check on both properties. This was to search for any potential bat roosting features such as raised tiles, missing tiles or gaps in soffit boxes. Both properties were in excellent condition with no suitable roosting features for bats.


What happened next?

After the surveyor had completed the initial site visit, the PRA report was completed within two days. Arbtech were able to provide a quick turnaround service for the client. The survey and report were completed in less than a week after the client’s instruction. The client submitted the bat report to the local council, which was accepted and planning permission was approved. The client and their neighbour were very pleased with the level of service that was received from start to finish of the process. In particular, the clients were satisfied with the friendliness of the head office team, the surveyor’s bat survey knowledge and the speed of site visit and report turnaround.

If you need a bat survey in Greater Manchester, you can contact us via our website or by calling our head office. A free quotation will be with you within 24 hours. Arbtech can also able to assist with arboricultural and topographical surveys.

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