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Ecology Surveys in Frodsham: Help on Ecological Issues

England’s many towns and villages such as Frodsham are home to countless protected species of animals and plants, and as such, an ecology survey will be needed for a development to stand any chance of seeing a successful planning application.

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How Frodsham Provides Opportunities for Various Species

Frequently listed among the most appetising rural towns in Cheshire, Frodsham in North West England sees house prices growing as the number of available properties drops. A market town, it spans back as far as the 13th century and offers links to Liverpool and Manchester, as well as rolling views of all surrounding areas via the stunning landscape view from the top of Frodsham Hill. Multiple listed buildings are contained within Frodsham, including a Grade I listed church and a total of 61 Grade II listed buildings throughout the town centre.

The growth in population and popularity fortunately hasn’t meant much of a dent in the value of biodiversity across Frodsham, with the town remaining as much a thriving rural destination as ever. Almost all of the local attractions such as Castle Park, Catton Hall and Manley Mere are situated outdoors, and the quality of the natural environment poses opportunities for various animals and plants to inhabit, such as the primary species of badgers, barn owls, bats, great crested newts, otters and water voles.

Laws Created to Support Protected Species

Each and every species will have preferences in regard to desirable areas based on available habitats, potential opportunities for sourcing prey, and the climate. It is perfectly likely for species like bats to appear in almost any location, as they can create roosts in both natural and man-made features. Other species, however, are more particular and will be better inclined to choose certain locations over others based on extremely specific criteria.

All listed animals and plants are safe from unnecessary harm, as outlined by such legislation as the Conservation of Habitats and Species Regulations 2017 and the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. That said, existing laws aren’t the only thing safeguarding protected species, as organisations such as the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM), Natural England and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) also play a role, as does the Cheshire Wildlife Trust specifically in Frodsham and other parts of the county. The potential harm a land or property development can cause to protected species means that an ecology survey will be mandatory before the local council even considers planning permission.

Necessary Assessments for Development

Before an ecology report can be created to accurately reflect the nature of the development site and actions that have been taken to ensure the safety of local protected species, an ecological consultant first needs to personally attend the site and conduct an ecological survey. Multiple options are available, but most commonly, a preliminary ecological appraisal (PEA) / extended phase 1 habitat survey will be step one, as it allows for a broad overview of all animals and plants present and answers key questions early on.

The ideal outcome would be that the ecological surveyor can confirm that no listed animals or plants are present. Depending on the specific situation, it may be possible to propose minor changes to the development if they are present that would avoid the need for further surveys. If more information is needed before the appropriate mitigation or compensation measures can be formulated, however, assessments for the animals or plants in question will be strictly mandatory, such as bat surveys, otter surveys or reptile surveys.

Once all inspections recommended by our team have been completed and an ecology survey report has been provided, everything should be in place to secure planning applications from the local planning authority. All of the reports we provide are recognised as reliable and tangible documents that will guide planning decisions. In the case of ecological surveys, they will contain adherence to habitat management, easing any qualms the planning officer would otherwise possess without them.

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Nationwide coverage enables our knowledgeable and experienced team of ecological consultants to undertake ecology surveys in Frodsham, neighbouring towns such as Runcorn and Helsby, and further sections of Cheshire West, Cheshire East and even North Wales. We guarantee surveyors for each service in every location, enabling developers, homeowners and anyone else staging a development to receive the help they need as they work on meeting the requirements of their local council and obtain planning consent.

A benefit to choosing Arbtech as your provider of survey services is that we will give you a free quote based on the unique details of your site and project before you commit to us. You can do this by phoning us, emailing us or filling out a contact form online. If you are happy with the quote you are given, respond to us, and we can work on choosing a date for the ecology survey to take place. A completed ecology report will be passed on to you shortly after the assessment, and with it, you will be able to see your planning application granted by the local authorities.

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