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Find out how you can earn money and gain experience by working for us as a subcontractor.

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"We have a great team here at Arbtech, which is supported by a pool of hard working subcontractors. These subcontractors are vital to our business because they help us cope with the seasonality of survey work, and help us to provide brilliant level of service to customers of all types, during spikes in demand. They also enable us to provide highly specialist surveys that ordinarily there simply isn't full-time demand for."

Rob Oates, Director

Some of these loyal subcontractors have worked for Arbtech for many years. Our oldest and boldest, Rod Benzies, has been getting regular tree survey work from us, week in and week out, for around 10 years now. We'd hire him in a heartbeat, but sadly he's too much of a free spirit and can't be tempted into the full time employ of anyone.

However, almost a quarter of our now full-time team members ('Arbtechers') were once subcontractors, most of whom have spent between 6 and 12 months working for us prior to being offered a job, including Jon Hartley, Craig Williams, Jo Gregory, Natalie Evans and Simon Pidgeon. These guys and gals worked for Arbtech as subcontractors, either training and gaining experience, or paid the going rate as a qualified professional, both while working around their existing employment and commitments.

Sound Good?

If you're interested in working for us as a subcontractor then you can register your details for free and we will be in touch if we have any suitable work for you.

Become a Subcontractor

What could happen next?

On occasion, if a subcontractor is satisfied that Arbtech is the right place for them; and we are satisfied they are the right fit for our business, we make them an offer of employment.

Normally this would be full-time, permanent employment, based from home; as an ‘Arbtecher’. Some people snap our hands off, and others are happy staying as subcontractors (for example, one of our seasonal bat workers is a police officer in his day job).

This process has a number of benefits aside from us and you being able to ‘try before we buy’. For example, it acts as a very effective filter of people who hop jobs every five minutes. We don’t want those people. Arbtech is not a stepping stone – it’s the destination. We want career people. People who will invest their time and efforts into our business and its customers, in order to reap the rewards of a highly flexible career with fantastic training opportunities, employees that decide their own bonuses (yes, really) and clearly defined routes for progression.

Another example of how it benefits both you and us, is that neither of us needs to deal with recruitment consultants! That means their fees can be banked as your salary. That’s a real win-win. Finally, it means we don’t need to discriminate against people who are quite happy being subcontractors but who could do great work at Arbtech. If you have your own client base and are simply looking for another relationship and some more work – you should still get in touch.

Ultimately, provided we have the right personalities working with us, it doesn’t matter to us which you prefer to be: Arbtecher or subcontractor. What really matters is, during your time as a subcontractor, we will have had the opportunity to assess you and provide you with guidance and feedback, (even paid for training events and nights out). All of this means that if we do hire you, we are 100% sure that you are right for the long term interests of the business and its customers, and that we are right for your long term career prospects and fulfilment.

We pay you faster than anyone else

At our company, we aim to pay you within 7 days of receiving your invoice. It doesn’t always happen, but over the last two years we have averaged <10 days – from receipt of invoice to money in your bank. We do this because it’s the right thing to do; because we believe in treating subcontractors the same way we would like to be treated by our clients (like that happens!). Hopefully, this way, you’ll be happy working with us, and continue to do so for a long time.

Current Vacancies

Please be aware that if you currently work for another employer, we will only talk to you and work with you if you confirm to us that you are contractually free to do so.

Our Subcontractors Say...

Graduate ecologist and subcontractor, Chris Gosset, has to say about working at Arbtech:

The support I continue to receive from the team at Arbtech is outstanding, enabling me to develop from a position of little experience to where I am today – completing my bat detector surveys with professionalism and confidence.

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