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Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Need an Arboricultural Consultant in Barnsley?

Tree Survey Barnsley: Barnsley is growing. Home to large distribution centres, international manufactures, and thousands of small to medium sized business, it’s little wonder that the town recently recorded the highest rate of private sector job growth in the UK.

This indicates that the council are eager to develop the region. That said, in 2019, Barnsley Council joined many others across the UK in declaring a climate emergency.

Following this declaration, they made a commitment to becoming net zero carbon by 2040 and this includes a plan to plant 10,000 new trees by 2025. 

Barnsley is already remarkably green, with around 19% tree canopy cover as of 2016. That’s not all, the region is also home to some 3,637 hectares of woodland, and around half of that woodland is considered ‘ancient’. 

As you’d expect, such extensive and characterful tree cover is of great value to the local ecology. It’s potentially of significant benefit to homeowners and planning professionals, too.

Well cared for and managed trees are almost universally well-regarded by the public at large, and so add to the financial value of land and homes in areas where they reside.

With so many street trees in gardens and more to come in the near future, it’s likely you’ll have at least one tree to manage if you’re seeking planning permission for either an urban or rural development.

We have over 300 genuine 5-star reviews for BS5837 planning support in the North West and Yorkshire

If there are any trees that will be impacted by your development (regardless of whether or not they’re on the site itself) you will need a BS5837 tree survey to secure a planning consent. 

This survey gives every tree a category ranging from Cat A- historically and/or ecologically significant trees, through to Cat U- the dangerous, dying or dead trees including those that should be removed anyway to safeguard the general public. The various classifications help your local authority justify their decision to grant planning permission on the basis of you demonstrating a sound arboricultural and landscape management plan.

Barnsley Council are explicit in their commitment to bio and geodiversity, placing particular emphasis on preserving well-loved features like the river corridors of the Don, Dearne, and Dove. Policies in the adopted local plan that relate to trees include GD1, BI01, and the supplementary planning document on trees and hedgerows. So, whilst their push to develop the region is already in process, this won’t come at the expense critical natural features. Insofar as trees are concerned, ancient woodland, or any veteran trees that are outside of ancient woodland are likely to pose a significant obstacle to your development aspirations. Unless of course, you’re able to demonstrate effective mitigations with or without compensatory measures as required. 

Veteran trees, conservation areas, and ancient woodland aren’t the only tree-related barriers to obtaining planning consent. Even a ‘standard’ street tree could pose a problem. It could be home to other plants, animals, insects, and fungi. It might play a critical role in absorbing stormwater runoff. The problem is, you don’t know until you’ve thoroughly assessed it.

This is where a comprehensive tree survey, conducted by one of Arbtech’s specialists comes in.

Arbtech: The UK’s #1 arboricultural consultancy

We will conduct your BS5837 tree survey with one aim in mind. That is, simply, to advise you and your design team how to show that your scheme protects and retains higher value trees, whilst defending the loss of lower quality trees. Essentially, this means you’ll be able to make the most of your site, and the local amenity valure of the remaining and compensatory trees will be satisfied. 

Your survey will clearly show the local Tree Officer exactly what you’re going to do to meet your obligations through an arboricultural impact assessment. It will take both the canopy (above ground) and root protection area (below ground)and ste them in the ontext of the proposed scheme; with commentary on how to deal with e.g. foundations and building footprints within RPAs, etc. 

It may be that as part of your planning consent, you are given conditions that relate to trees; such as the production of an arboricultural method statement and or tree protection plan drawing. These documents, while assessed by the council will typically be written for your contactors; to keep you compliant with your planning consent. They will define in precise terms how and when various methods of tree protection (such as fencing or ground boarding) will be installed and monitored. Occasionally, Barnsley might insist on the supervision of your building contractor if they are excavating within RPAs or otherwise in close proximity to category A and B trees. Arbtech can assist with the production of these method statements should you require.

Why Choose Arbtech for your tree report?

For the avoidance of doubt, we’re so confident that you’ll secure planning permission with the advice in our tree survey and impact assessment; if your application is refused, we’ll give you your money back.

As a national provider of some 16 years, we’ve built excellent working relationships with the local authorities in South Yorkshire. This means one of our friendly team – most likely Senior Consultant , Alan Thompson, or Consultants Max Bell and Matt Edwards – will understand the policies and procedures that Barnsley Council use to make their planning determinations. This ensures they give accurate advice that’s highly specific to the local area.

All we care about is helping you solve your tree problem and get through planning.

With this in mind, we don’t do subsidence claim work, bid for large-scale tree surveys in the Barnsley and throughout Yorkshire for highways or rail, or anything else like that: Just 100% focus on getting your application through planning as far as trees are concerned.

Fast, hassle free, guaranteed.


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