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Tree Surveys in Carlisle: Avoid Delays to Development

As a method of bolstering planning applications, tree surveys ensure that any potential issues involving trees don’t damage development projects or contradict the local planning authority. Our arboriculturists are situated in various areas of the UK including Carlisle and local towns and cities.

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Why Choose Arbtech?

Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Carlisle Countryside

A mere eight miles south of the Scottish border is the North West city of Carlisle. While it is commonly regarded as the most northerly town or city in England, Berwick-upon-Tweed actually sits ahead of Carlisle geographically by just short of 86 miles. The only city in Cumbria, Carlisle is recognised as the commercial, cultural and industrial hub of the border between England and Scotland, with a variety of popular tourist locations and heritage sites.

Despite a distinct 70% majority of Carlisle’s population living in the city centre, 98% of the city’s land use is rural. The local council also indicate a clear intention to remain green and increase the level of biodiversity, with one example being the additional 4,000 trees set to be planted in Carlisle in 2021 alone.

Tree Preservation in Carlisle

With a view to protecting rural areas in the city, dedicated tree and woodland policies are clearly explained by Carlisle City Council. The two primary methods of preserving trees in Carlisle are through the use of tree preservation orders (TPOs) and conservation areas. If a specific tree is under a tree preservation order or situated in a conservation area, anyone planning a project that could disturb it must first request consent from the council. Disturbing them without speaking to Carlisle City Council would be a criminal offence, likely resulting in a fine.

Carlisle City Council also has a team that specialises in maintaining and managing trees that belong to the council. However, roadside trees are within the jurisdiction of Cumbria County Council and privately owned trees are the responsibility of the landowner.

Staging a Tree Survey

Progressing your land development project or remedial works to a building without unwanted hindrances will be easier through the use of a BS5837 tree survey. The survey itself involves an arboriculturist visiting your site and gauging the quality and condition of all trees present. They will then grade each tree based on these factors and develop suitable next steps. If they are worth keeping and are in good condition, they will be retained. However, if the project impacts these trees or if they are in poor condition, they will be moved elsewhere or destroyed.

A thorough report detailing the results of the tree survey will then be produced by the arboricultural consultant, explaining tree management for each tree involving retention or tree felling and removal. The tree surveys’ reports can then contribute to the process of solving issues in the project caused by the trees and demonstrate adequate tree woodland management, as well as playing a key role in achieving planning permission from the local planning authority. Although BS5837 tree services will often suffice, if other arboricultural services are needed, the tree report will offer recommendations.

Book a BS5837 Survey Today

If there are trees on the plot of land you are developing, it would be advisable to arrange a tree survey, booking as early as possible to confirm a suitable date and time. One of our team of arboricultural consultants can then visit your site, carry out the survey, create a report with their findings and get it across to you as part of your application for planning permission.

To book a tree survey with Arbtech, simply contact us through our website using the box on this page and we will give you a free quote based on your site and development. Alternatively, you can email or phone us directly. Our team has over a decade of providing tree services through arboricultural surveys, and from many years in business, we’ve been able to establish an extensive understanding of the planning system and what local authorities expect before granting planning applications.

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