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Why Choose Arbtech?

Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

We are tree surveyors in East Sussex – Crowborough, Wealden, Hastings, Lewes and Eastbourne

If you want to renovate your property, construct a building, or undertake demolition work in East Sussex you may need a tree survey to get planning permission. In fact, this will likely be the case if there are any trees on or near your development.

The number of trees in across the county is likely to rise in the coming years. Many councils up and down the country have made varying levels of commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. Trees capture significant amounts of carbon from the air and the soil, so it’s little wonder that they are central features in most, if not all, of these strategies. 

Indeed, Lewes District Council made a commitment to becoming a zero-carbon council by 2030. They’ve put several initiatives in place to support this, including a tree-planting drive where a significant discount is offered to members of the public who want to sponsor the planting of a sapling in a public place. Carbon offsetting through tree planting and woodland is also a feature of East Sussex County Council’s carbon neutral strategy.

Trees, planning and development in East Sussex

Tree strategies and environmental initiatives will have an effect on how planning applications for sites where trees are present or nearby are viewed by the local authority. 

However, concerns for the environment don’t seem to be trumping the ambitions of developers in East Sussex. Even local councils are leading schemes to meet housing demand, for example, Hastings Borough Council’s application for a 38-house development.

Elsewhere, planning applications, both small and large, are being considered and approved. From Wealden District Council granting consent for the construction of a block of 35 flats, to a large 250-dwelling development in Eastbourne that, as of January 2021, is very close to being granted planning permission. 

This is good news for homeowners, too. Because this progressive attitude towards construction and development will inevitably filter down to people who are looking to add a simple extension to their property or make the most of their permitted development rights. 

That said, it’s very unlikely that any of the local authorities in East Sussex will allow for construction, development, or demolition that actively harms trees. Especially trees with ecological significance, historical value, or those that otherwise benefit the local community. 

In an ideal world, your development will not only protect and preserve existing trees, but it will contribute towards creating attractive, ecologically beneficial green spaces. A good local example of this would be a planning application that involves the demolition of a garden centre to make way for 33 new homes in Crowborough. Critically, the development champions green space and includes a proposal to plant an oak tree.

This is why if there are any trees on or near your development, no matter how insignificant they may appear at first glance, you will need a tree survey.

BS5837 Tree Surveys and the East Sussex Local Planning Authorities

Your local Tree Officer and planning Case Officer will base their decision on a combination of policy and evidence. Therefore, if you have a tree problem and want to get planning permission you’re going to need to show them how your scheme will protect the higher quality trees on your site and mitigate for the loss of any lower quality trees. If you don’t do this sufficiently well, the local authority will refuse planning consent.

The good news is, a BS5837 tree report is a straightforward and painless exercise. All we need from you is a time and a place. We’ll then send a local tree surveyor (Matt or Aran) to your site who will inspect all the trees on your site as well as those that could reasonably be affected by your development.

Afterwards, they’ll create an AutoCAD map (also sent to you in PDF format) that you can lay over your design, and compose a robust report that details their findings and recommendations in plain English. If necessary, it will include and arboricultural impact assessment that shows your site maintains a sensible retention/removal balance.

This will, amongst other things, give you and your design team the information you need to prove to the local authority that your scheme is arboriculturally sound. When you’re ready, simply send it all over to the local authority with the rest of your planning application, and expect to be granted planning permission in due course.

Speaking of planning permission – you will get planning. In fact, we’re so confident that on the off chance that you don’t, we’ll give you your money back.

Why are we so confident?

Our tree reports have been helping people get planning permission for 16 years. 

In that time our 30+ strong team has seen it all, so no matter how complicated your tree situation is, they’ve got the solution for you.

As of 2021, we’re looking after in excess of 3,100 projects per year, so when we say our arboricultural surveyors are some of the most experienced around, we’ve got the workload to back it up.

Hundreds of 5 star reviews can’t be wrong

Whilst we operate on a national scale, most of our team work from home. 

This means we’re able to employ tree consultants who have lived and worked in and around East Sussex for years, if not decades. 

As for the national scale bit, this isn’t just us boasting. It offers tangible benefits for you. 

Specifically; speed. 

You can expect your completed survey and report within one to three days at most. If that’s not fast enough, you can invest in a next working day report or weekend survey.

The last thing we want is for your development to be delayed (and you to incur the associated costs) because you can’t get a tree report. 

So, choose Arbtech, and you’ll get the tree survey and advice you need to secure planning permission (or your money back) first time, fast. 


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