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Why Choose Arbtech?

Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

BS5837 Tree Surveys in Gloucestershire – Stroud, Cotswold, Tewksbury and Gloucester

If you’re submitting a planning application in Gloucestershire you may need a tree survey before the local authority gives you planning permission.


Because Gloucestershire is green, with a higher tree coverage than the national average. In the coming years, the number of trees in Gloucestershire is likely to increase. Due, in part, to the recommendation from the Government’s Climate Change Committee that woodland cover across the country is increased to an average of 19% by 2050. In response, local authorities in the county have agreed on a target of 20% woodland cover by 2030 – exceeding the national goal 20 years ahead of the deadline.   

This lofty goal will meet challenges. Ash dieback is a significant problem in the Cotswolds and other areas of Gloucestershire; sadly, the disease will eventually lead to the death of most of the UK’s ash tree stock. Ash trees are the dominant species in the Cotswolds, and their deaths will result in significant habitat loss, as well as the loss of tree cover. Consequently, organisations from across the county have stepped up to support landowners and communities to plant new trees that will replace the disappearing ash trees. 

Ultimately, your main concern is likely to be whether or not these trees will affect your development. There isn’t one simple answer here, however, if there are trees on or near your site, the chances that you’ll need to take them into account if you want to get your application through planning. This holds whether you’re planning a barn conversion on the rural outskirts of Tewksbury or a large mixed-use scheme in Gloucester itself.

If you don’t do this, the chances of getting planning permission for your development are slim to none. 

But how do you prove to the local planning authority that your scheme gives due consideration to local trees?

It all starts with a BS5837 Tree Survey.

How a tree report helps you get planning permission

Simply put, your tree report helps the local Planning Officer defend their decision to grant you planning permission when there are trees on or near your site. They, like you, have an obligation to protect, preserve and enhance the natural environment. Unlike you, they also must put the brakes on development that outright harms biodiversity. 

These decisions are already carefully scrutinised, but with renewed concerns for the environment comes an increased pressure on Planners to make the right decision. Gloucestershire County Council and almost every other local authority in the UK declared a climate emergency in 2019. As a result, the county council committed to reaching net-zero carbon by 2030, and carbon neutral by 2050. To achieve this emissions need to be cut by 80% over the next decade.

Trees will play a crucial part in this strategy (and others) as they absorb carbon in the air and ground. Therefore, felling trees unnecessarily or without putting a compensatory planting scheme in place will likely not be viewed favourably.

Consequently, the main point of a BS5837 tree report is to give the local Tree Officer and your planning Case Officer the evidence they need to give you planning permission. If necessary, the report will include an arboricultural impact assessment that shows how your scheme will protect existing trees and plant new trees if required. This assessment also allows your tree surveyor to justify the loss of lower quality trees.

Developing Gloucester for the future

It’s easy to think that these environmental concerns could trump the ambitions of developers and homeowners alike; especially as Gloucestershire contains swathes of greenbelt land. 

This isn’t necessarily the case and, large developments are underway. For example, consent for the 154 homes that make up but a small part of the £195 million Twigworth development, near Gloucester, was recently granted. Similarly, plans for a novel 97 home eco-village between Gloucester and Stroud have been approved.

That said, not all plans are met without notable objection from local communities. One such development, again near Stroud, that aimed to construct 52 houses on a school sports field met stiff opposition – in part on environmental grounds.

This is why instructing a specialist tree surveyor early and commissioning a tree report is vital if you want to avoid costly delays to your development and secure planning permission.

And, if you choose Arbtech, you will get a planning consent

How do we know?

Because in 16 years, our arboricultural advice has helped around 15,000 people solve their tree problems and get through planning.

In fact, as of 2021, our tree reports have been instrumental in securing planning permission for hundreds of people across Gloucestershire.

We’re so confident that you’ll get planning permission that on the off chance you don’t, we’ll give you your money back.

No questions asked. 

Your local Gloucestershire tree surveyors

Our 30+ strong team of arboricultural surveyors is the best around.

This isn’t just an empty claim – up to 3,000 successful projects per year, every year means we’ve got the figures to back it up. 

This success rate comes down to one thing – specialisation.

Our people are 100% focused on conducting tree surveys for planning permission. 

They don’t do subsidence work, and they don’t get involved in TPO appeals. 

As a result, you’ll struggle to find a tree surveyor who knows more about the ins and outs of the planning system and how to deliver advice, in plain English, that ensures you comply with your legal obligations and maximise your development opportunities.

Arbtech is a national operator, but our people largely work from home so you can be sure that the surveyor who comes to your site is a local expert (Max or Dave) who has lived and worked in and around Gloucestershire for years.

We work fast, too. You’ll only be waiting for a maximum of two to five days for your completed survey and report on our rapid service.

Not fast enough?

Then talk to us about investing in an upgrade to a next working day report or weekend survey. 

Tree Surveys in Gloucestershire you can trust

So, if you need a tree survey that contains all the advice you need to get planning permission (or your money back) – choose Arbtech.


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