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Tree Surveys in Harrow: Arboricultural Planning Solutions

Deal with trees in and around the proximity of your Harrow development site accordingly by referring to Arbtech for tree surveys of the highest possible standard.

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Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Crossover Between Development and Trees

With the town of Harrow in North London growing, the local authority has encouraged an increased rate of development, but only under the provision that sustainable development resides at the core of such plans for the future. For instance, while a planning project in Wealdstone has seen 1,500 new homes, shops, offices and even a school and joined a running order of areas set to undergo significant investment such as Pinner, Hath End and Edgeware, none of it has come at the expense of ongoing intentions to preserve and protect the natural environment.

In fact, matters regarding the environment are high on the agenda, and the trees that populate the parks and streets of the borough play a huge part. This is evident in the Harrow Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) and tree strategy, and you can expect to see the number of trees increase in the coming years as local authorities strive to achieve an objective set by the mayor to expand the tree canopy cover by 10% across London before 2050. In order to remain in line with relevant planning policies and avoid breaching laws surrounding trees during the process of staging a development, it would be advisable to arrange a tree survey with an experienced and knowledgeable arboricultural consultancy such as ours.

Moves to Protect Trees Local to Harrow

Clear and transparent guidelines are in place to ensure that everyone has a complete understanding of how trees in Harrow are protected. As with all parts of England, the two main protections that contribute to safeguarding trees that are considered valuable and high in quality are tree preservation orders (TPOs) and conservation areas. That said, other parameters exist for dealing with ash dieback, dead branches, oak processionary moth (OPM), and storm-blown trees.

At any time that a tree is under an existing tree preservation order or located within a listed conservation area, Harrow Council would need to be contacted for consent before any development works that could harm the tree are carried out. It isn’t always easy to tell if a tree is defended by TPOs or conservation areas, but through the intervention of the necessary tree surveys, any and all potential issues caused by trees or likely to affect trees can be addressed and mitigated accordingly.

Assessments on Obstructive Trees

A development site requires all trees present to be assigned a category during what is known as a BS5837 tree survey. That way, an arboricultural surveyor can determine each tree’s health, size, role in the ecosystem, historical significance and expected longevity, using these deciding factors to gauge suitable next steps. Other tree surveys are available to suit a variety of needs and purposes, but the BS5837 is a common solution for evaluating and mitigating trees.

An ideal scenario for a British standard 5837 tree survey would result in as many trees as possible retained and saved from unnecessary harm. If it simply isn’t possible to alter the development plans to cater to valuable trees, the arboricultural consultant will recommend tree removal and relocation to a more fitting environment. The last resort will see trees destroyed and replaced with trees of a similar species if any trees aren’t valuable enough to be worth saving or if they potentially raise health and safety concerns.

Following a tree survey, the arboriculturist leading the inspection will begin producing a tree report. Containing all information and findings from the assessment, the tree survey report should act as sufficient evidence to meet the requirements of the local authorities in the hunt for a granted planning application. It will also carry solutions to ensure that trees are handled in the correct manner, and further conditions may be added, such as the use of an arboricultural impact assessment (AIA), arboricultural method statement (AMS), tree constraints plan (TCP) or tree protection plan (TPP).

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Multiple promises make Arbtech the arboricultural consultancy we are today. First and foremost, we work hard to ensure that the tree survey work carried out on your development site is of the highest possible quality and gives you all of the insight and expertise you need to obtain planning permission. The arboricultural consultants we work with enable us to do this, with many of them coming from an array of backgrounds to heighten their usefulness in the field, such as experience in tree surgery following previous roles as a professional tree surgeon.

We have always aimed to provide tree surveys to clients in any location and at a competitive price. Through careful planning, it has been possible to do this by strategically placing tree surveyors in locations all over the country, facilitating all future, present and previous customers while removing fees that would have otherwise been required to pay for each tree consultant’s travel and accommodation. Whether the arboricultural surveyors previously worked as tree surgeons or always focused on trees in relation to planning, all of our team arrives with the same approach and standard.

If you want to book a tree survey on your development site or even if you simply want to discuss your options to work out if tree surveys are necessary, get in touch and we can provide you with a free quote to mull over. Do this by calling, emailing, completing a quote form or visiting the contact page on the Arbtech site, and our administration team will send you a quote within a few short hours. On a chosen date, a local tree surveyor with knowledge of the area and Harrow Council will attend your site to complete the required tree surveys and provide you with a pivotal tree report.

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