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Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Arboricultural Reports for Planning Harrow

Need a tree survey in LB of Harrow? 

Harrow is growing and sustainable development is at the core of the local authority’s plans for the future. 

Harrow Council recently gave the go-ahead to a regeneration program worth in the region of £600 million. Wealdstone will see 1,500 new homes, shops, offices, a school, and more so there’s little reason to doubt the sincerity of the local authority’s commitment to investment. There are more areas that in the coming years will also see significant investment including Pinner, Hatch End and Edgware, among others. However, preserving and protecting the environment is high on the agenda, and the trees that populate the parks and streets of the borough are a huge part of this—you can see evidence of this in the Harrow Biodiversity Action Plan and Tree Strategy. You can expect to see the number of trees increase in the coming years as local authorities strive to achieve an objective set by the Mayor to increase the tree canopy cover across London by 10% before 2050. 

Trees surveys and planning application and validation requirements in Harrow

If you intend to develop a site with trees on or adjacent to it, these trees will need to be assigned a BS5837 category. This final categorisation follows an assessment that takes the tree’s size, health, expected longevity, contribution to the ecosystem, and historical significance into account. Your case officer at Harrow’s development control department will ask an internal consultee to review your scheme in the context of trees surveyed using this categorisation method, to defend their decision to either grant you planning consent or refuse the application for your development (in the context of how your scheme engages the various policies that relate to trees, such as Policy DM22: Trees and Landscaping).

To expand: BS5837 categories range from Cat A (heritage trees and those likely to be subject to a Tree Preservation Order) to Cat U (the dead, dying, and dangerous). Still, even your run-of-the-mill Birch, a native tree common to the streets of Harrow, will probably fall under Cat B or C, so will probably require protection or compensatory planting for your planning application to be granted. Indeed, the Sustainability Appraisal of the local plan’s core strategy to 2026 clearly states the need to retain or enhance the existing landscape, including trees.

If your plans lack sufficient detail, or you neglect to put measures in place to retain, protect or compensate for the trees impacted by your development it is likely that your application will be refused. 

This is where a comprehensive tree survey with local expertise comes in.

Arboricultural Surveyors and Consultants

A BS5837 tree survey is, ultimately, a question of balance.

We will advise you and your design team how to explicitly show that your scheme will protect and retain higher quality trees and justify the loss of lower quality trees within the site, and how to deal with encroachment into root protection areas (RPA) for any nearby, off-site trees. Essentially, we’ll help you maximise your development opportunities whilst protecting the community’s interest in retaining tree cover.

Your survey will take both the canopy (above ground) and RPA (below ground) into consideration. Then, through an exercise called an arboricultural impact assessment, it will clearly show your Tree Officer how you’re going to meet your legal obligations. Once satisfied, they’ll be able to provide a favourable recommendation to your planning case officer who, in turn, will then grant planning consent for your development.

Speaking of planning permission, we have secured hundreds planning consents for clients in Harrow alone. 

In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll secure planning permission with the advice in our tree survey and impact assessment; if your application is refused, we’ll give you your money back.

Arbtech: the UK’s #1 Ecological and Arboricultural Consultants

Your tree survey will be handled by one of our local, in-house experts. 

We will never leave your survey in the hands of a subcontractor (unless in exceptional circumstances and even then, you’ll be the first to know about it). You’ll deal with us, and only with us from start to finish. This means you’ll benefit from an arboricultural consultant with years of local expertise, supported by the resources that only a national operator can bring.

Because they’ve worked in north west London all their careers, you can be sure that our surveyors and consultants will possess the niche arboricultural knowledge of the area you need to secure planning permission, first time. They’ll be conversant with the Harrow local plan, be aware of the local interest groups who routinely object to development and understand the policies and procedures that the Harrow planning department use to make their determinations. We’ve done this for a long time, so our work is a ‘known quantity’ as far as the planners are concerned.

Plus, we can genuinely say we’re specialists because we only take on work for people who need support with their planning and development aspirations. No subsidence claim work. No highways tree surveys. Just 100% dedication to getting our clients through planning.

All this combines into a seamless service that delivers what you want, fast. 

Better yet, if you’re really up against it, we offer paid upgrade services for rapid and next working day reports!

Arbtech: Get planning or your money back

If you need a tree survey that contains all the advice you need to get planning permission (or your money back), and want it done by a local expert—choose Arbtech.


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