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Tree Surveys in Poole: Achieve Planning Acceptance

Before an application for planning permission will even be considered by BCP Council, you will need a tree survey on your development site in Poole, indicating that an arboriculturist has assessed all trees present.

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Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Crucial Tree Services to Assist with Planning

Located in Dorset, Poole is a coastal town best known for housing the largest natural harbour in all of Europe. Despite a census claiming that just 0.2% of people in Poole live in rural areas, the majority of popular tourist attractions are situated in the countryside. Examples include Brownsea Island, Compton Acres, Coy Pond Gardens, Evening Hill, Hamworthy Park, Poole Park, Scaplen’s Court Museum and Herb Garden, and Upton Country Park.

Back in 2010, Poole had an estimated 1.39 kilo hectares of tree canopy cover, surpassing the land area by more than 21%. A decade later, however, tree canopy cover in Poole dropped by 49.1 millihectares. Naturally, the local council of Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole Council (BCP Council) are restrictive with the level of disruption that can be infringed on trees within Poole. Planning projects are often hindered by the presence of trees, especially if they are valuable, rare or protected.

Staging a development in Poole can be troublesome if trees are present on the site. It is also difficult to determine whether individual trees are under any form of protection from the local council. That said, you can eliminate all potential issues by arranging for an arboriculturist to visit your development site and conduct a tree survey.

Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas in Poole

The towns of Poole, Bournemouth and Christchurch are under BCP Council. As such, rules regarding conservation, preservation and protection of natural assets are universal in all three towns. Specifically focusing on trees, BCP Council claims that there are 48 conservation areas across the three towns and numerous trees under ongoing Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs).

All information about conservation areas and TPOs in Poole is presented within urban design, trees and conservation, as well as policies that involve ancient monuments, archaeological sites, hedgerow regulations and listed buildings.

Arboricultural Assessments on Trees

In order to satisfy the requirements of the BCP Council, an arboriculturist would usually undertake a BS5837 tree survey. The primary aim of a BS5837 tree survey is to visually inspect all trees present on the development site to establish their quality, value and condition before branding them each with a grading. Using a predetermined grading system, the arboricultural consultant will decide the fate of each tree between retaining, relocating or destroying them.

After the tree assessment, a tree report developed by the arboricultural surveyor will be provided to the developer, with the option of submitting the report to the local planning authority to support the application for planning permission. With details from the tree survey and mitigation measures that will outline suitable next steps for each tree, the tree report will be considered by the planning department of the local council as a viable and dependable source of information, making it pivotal in planning applications.

Local Arboricultural Surveyors

As with any service, booking a tree survey will only be fully effective if you choose a reputable arboricultural consultancy. Through identifying a service provider that will work to a certain standard and assigning arboricultural consultants with the necessary qualifications, experience and skills, you can ensure a quality tree survey as well as a comprehensive tree report full of the insights you need to achieve planning consent.

Offering tree survey solutions for over a decade, our arboricultural consultants hold all of the necessary capabilities to conduct assessments on your development site. Arbtech also yearns to provide services to all clients, so our arboriculturists are scattered throughout the country, including in Poole and the surrounding area.

By speaking to our team, we can produce a free quote that is accurate to your site and project. Simply get in touch, give us your details and we will send a quote for you to consider. Then, return the form back to us and we can plan a desirable time to visit your site, undertake the tree survey and help you in the process of acquiring planning permission.

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