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Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Preston arboricultural services

A small city known for Britain’s first motorway and the tallest spire in England, Preston has multiple historical offerings. In terms of rural areas, notable countryside attractions include the Guild Wheel, Bowland Lakes, Brockholes Nature Reserve, Hoghton Tower and Turbary Woods.

Despite recent disagreements between the council and the local planning committee, the city intends on utilising portions of the countryside for residential housing areas. Due to this, Preston City Council brought in a variety of policies that prevented the environment from being tarnished as a result of the projects. However, while this could be a potential setback for land developers, you can minimise the likelihood of breaching these policies by arranging a tree survey with a trusted arboricultural consultancy.

Preston City Council tree preservation

Policies that are designed for conservation cover several core areas. For example, locations that are identified for holding architectural or historical significance are marked as conservation areas, meaning the council need to be consulted before developments are carried out. Conservation areas in Preston consist of Ashton, Avenham, Deepdale Enclosure, Fishergate Hill, Fulwood, Harris Children’s Home, Inglewhite, Market Place, Moor Park, St Ignatius and Winckley Square.

Under Article 4, minor alterations in some conservation areas may require planning permission from the council before any changes can be made. Trees are often a major obstacle for development projects, and within Preston’s policies, trees could be protected in conservation areas, even if they aren’t currently under a Tree Preservation Order (TPO). Eight parks in the city are also protected under the Register of Parks and Gardens of Historical Interest in England, as well as a broader selection of areas featuring in a Local Heritage List.

The purpose of a tree survey

A BS5837 tree survey is an assessment of a plot of land where trees are situated that allows a qualified arboriculturist to determine the quality and value of each tree before issuing appropriate next steps. Once the survey is complete, the surveyor will produce a report that will be passed on to the local authority as a key component in the developer’s planning application.

The surveyor may decide that further assessments are needed, basing the decision on their findings and the likelihood of additional surveys strengthening the developer’s application for planning permission.

Working with a qualified arboriculturist

Land developers that are planning a project in Preston or the surrounding areas would be advised to pick an arboriculturist that possesses the necessary expertise. With this in mind, it would be worthwhile to consider Arbtech, particularly as we are a trusted company for tree surveys and have arboriculturists and ecologists located across the UK. To book a tree survey with us, simply get in touch online or over the phone and we will be able to arrange a suitable day to visit your site.

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