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Tree Surveys in Sheffield: Inspections on Present Trees

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Sheffield Tree Survey and Arboriculture Services

Often hailed as one of the greenest cities in England, Sheffield possesses solid foundations for supporting the retention and growth of natural assets in and around the area. Although the focus on preserving the environment is a positive for Sheffield and the estimated 730,000 people that live there, it can be a concern that Sheffield City Council’s determination to increase the level of biodiversity could be a significant obstruction to land developers.

While it is potentially true that the emphasis on biodiversity and ecology could somewhat hinder land developers, the process of eliminating obstacles and remaining suitably within the rules of the local authority will be simplified by booking a tree survey with a qualified arboriculturist.

Sheffield City Council Trees and Woodlands Strategy

Alongside tree preservation orders (TPOs) and conservation areas, in December 2018, Sheffield City Council released a document titled ‘Sheffield Trees and Woodlands Strategy’ that outlined the city’s plans for trees and other natural assets in both rural and urban areas between 2018 and 2033.

Within the vision are nine primary aims that contribute to the city council’s broader Green and Open Spaces Strategy (GOSS).

Aims of the Sheffield City Council Trees and Woodlands Strategy 2018-2033:

  1. Increasing overall awareness of natural resources
  2. Encouraging current and future generations to become involved in relevant consultations
  3. Improving the knowledge of trees and other natural resources in the area
  4. Enhancing public safety and risk management in natural areas
  5. Introducing effective sustainability management
  6. Planning climate change mitigation measures
  7. Ensuring trees and woodland are resilient and offer biodiversity
  8. Upgrading the overall standard of how natural areas are managed
  9. Working in partnership with a variety of stakeholders to utilise crucial insights

As well as the nine key aims that summarise the approach of the strategy, the document also offered greater detail on how these targets would be met. Specific goals from the strategy include:

  • Achieving a Green Flag Award (national quality standard) for at least one area of woodland in the next five years
  • Boosting the number of visitors and volunteers in woodland areas
  • Gaining Sheffield Quality Standard for all woodland areas in the next ten years
  • Maximising the potential benefits trees could offer to all parts of the city
  • Planting a minimum of 100,000 new trees over the next decade
  • Replacing removed trees on a 2 to 1 ratio

BS5837 Tree Surveys for Planning in Sheffield

Based on the strategy outlined above, it is clear to see that the local authorities in Sheffield are determined to improve the standard of the natural environment. As such, if you are planning a development on a plot of land in Sheffield that houses trees, or if the local authority instructs you to do so, it is important that you book a BS5837 tree survey with a professional tree consultancy that possesses a solid track record for tree services for tree surveys for planning.

A BS5837 survey is a British standard assessment that analyses every single tree the accumulative tree stock on or near the plot of land you are developing. Each tree is then given a grading determined by its condition and ecological value in the area. The surveyor will then create a detailed CAD drawing of the site and produce a thorough report that outlines how trees on the plot of land can be protected, which high-quality trees can be retained, and how mitigation measures can compensate for the unavoidable loss of low-quality trees.

Submitting this information to the case officer from the local planning authority should meet their demands and enable you to achieve planning permission. In some cases, additional assessments carried out by the arboricultural consultancy may be needed, such as a tree risk assessment or tree surveying processes to suit other purposes. However, this is only likely to become clear once the tree survey has been completed and the tree reports have been created. At this point, the surveyor will advise on any extra steps that could contribute to seeing your planning applications accepted.

Reaching Out to Arbtech

For a matter as important as achieving planning permission, choosing a service provider that is capable of carrying out an assessment to a suitable standard couldn’t be more crucial. That is exactly the reason why so many people pick Arbtech for conducting professional tree surveys on plots of land they intend on developing and on listed buildings and other properties where trees are present during property developments.

So, if you need a tree survey for a development project in Sheffield, get in touch with Arbtech today and we will give you a free quote, work with you to book a visit to your site for a tree inspection, and ensure that your planning permission application is granted. Our full tree surveys should then provide us with sufficient information for us to choose the best course of action and set out a site map of the next steps forward towards appeasing the local authorities.

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