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Tree Survey in Sunderland: Secure Approval for Your Development

During the process of carrying out any development projects in the Sunderland area that involve trees, it would be advisable to book a tree survey with one of our team of experienced and capable arboricultural consultants.

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Why Choose Arbtech?

Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Rural Sections of Sunderland

A primarily urban area, Sunderland in North East England is best known as an industrial city, with opportunities for trading coal and salt through being situated next to the River Wear. Once regarded as the largest shipbuilding town in the world, Sunderland then underwent significant developmental changes. It now prioritises the production of cars, making it the most effective source of revenue.

Despite only a minority of Sunderland being rural, there are notable country areas present such as Barnes Park, Herrington Country Park, Mowbray Park, Roker Park Conservation Area and Thompson Park. Additionally, Sunderland is surrounded by what is known as the Tyne and Wear Green Belt – a section of land maintained in its existing condition to prevent the city from replacing all of its natural assets with urban developments.

Local Policies Regarding Trees

From the perspective of the local council, matters regarding trees in the Sunderland area are split into two separate categories: the environment and planning. In the environment section, Sunderland City Council outline the multitude of issues that could come from trees either belonging to them or individuals. The planning section, however, is more relevant to developers, with information about Sunderland City Council’s tree preservation orders (TPOs) and conservation areas.

Any trees under TPOs or situated in conservation areas cannot be disturbed without prior consent from the council. You can enquire directly about developing land that houses these types of trees via the Planning Portal. For trees that are privately owned, from simple tree pruning to more substantial tasks like tree felling and stump removal, it would be highly recommended that you contact the landowner directly.

An Overview of the BS5837 Assessment

The BS5837 tree survey is a universally recognised assessment that facilitates the process of addressing suitable next steps for trees on the site. During such tree services, an arboricultural consultant will analyse each tree to determine the best course of action between the options of retaining, relocating or destroying them, accounting for any potentially dangerous trees, site clearance to enable the development to move forwards, and ensuring the site is left clean of arboricultural obstructions.

As well as being a helpful insight that could inform the development project, the tree report assembled from the tree survey by arboricultural surveyors will also be submitted as part of the application for planning permission. With solutions to every potential issue, a report from any necessary tree surveys will significantly increase the likelihood of the local planning authority accepting the application, making it an invaluable component.

Planning a Tree Survey in Sunderland

If there are trees on your site and you require a tree survey, the process of booking an assessment is simple. Our team of arboriculturists possess all of the necessary experience and qualifications to carry out a survey to the highest possible standard and meet the requirements of the local authorities, and they are located across the country – including Sunderland and the nearby areas – to cater to your needs.

For a free quote, get in touch today by filling out the form on this page and we will give you an accurate price at competitive prices based on your project and the size of your North East development site. We can then arrange a suitable time to visit your site for a tree survey and help you to progress your project and acquire planning permission from the local authorities.

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