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Tree Surveys in Darlington: Qualified Arboriculturists

When your site houses any number of trees, you need an expert arboriculturist to conduct a tree survey before a planning permission application will be considered. Arbtech’s arboricultural consultants hold the expertise you need to progress your development project.

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Why Choose Arbtech?

Arbtech are the best asset you can possibly have when you need ecology or tree surveys to help you obtain planning permission.

Darlington Tree Services

Formed from the two parliamentary constituencies of Darlington and Sedgefield, the borough of Darlington consists of the popular town centre and a surrounding rural area that includes 26 civil parishes. Due to affordable house prices, a multitude of areas to choose from and several popular tourist areas, Darlington is regarded as one of the best places to live in the UK.

With such a large percentage of countryside areas in the Borough of Darlington, there are many opportunities for developing land. However, as trees naturally occur in rural areas, it is important that preservation laws are followed accordingly. An effective method of doing this would be through understanding the local council’s laws and booking a tree survey with a qualified arboriculturist.

Tree Preservation in Darlington

Darlington Borough Council has policies for protecting all trees owned by the council including any in cemeteries, housing areas, open spaces and parks, and on public highways. They also have an arboricultural team that advises on land development projects to ensure rules are followed correctly and trees are only destroyed or relocated as a last resort. However, trees that are situated in private gardens are the responsibility of the landowner.

Through the use of conservation orders, Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and other rules in place, Darlington Borough Council can regulate the disruption of trees in the area. For example, if you are developing in a conservation area or want to remove, relocate or even merely prune trees that are under a TPO, you will need to apply to the council’s planning department. For trees that are privately owned, you are within your right to prune branches that overhang into your plot of land providing you offer all cuttings back to the owner. If, however, it isn’t clear who owns specific trees, ownership information should be held on the Land Registry.

How Tree Surveys Work

In an effort to reduce delays and minimise the number of potential issues, it would be advisable to book a BS5837 tree survey. A British standard assessment that will ensure that you are operating within the rules of Darlington Borough Council, a tree survey will be carried out by an arboriculturist to assess trees on the specific plot of land.

Each tree is given a grading to identify value and determine the most suitable next steps, whether it entails retaining, relocating or destroying them. Based on the results of the survey, the arboriculturist will assemble an extensive report including a drawing of the site, details of their findings and appropriate recommendations. The arboriculturist can then suggest other required surveys and submit the report as part of their client’s application for planning permission.

Planning your Tree Survey

In any development project, gaining planning permission is key. Often on green belt or greenfield land, trees are present, but a BS5837 tree survey from a trusted company will ensure that the presence of trees doesn’t severely impact your project.

Our arboricultural consultants have the experience and qualifications needed for a tree survey conducted to the highest possible standard. If you want a free quote, simply get in touch with Arbtech and we will give you an accurate price based on your project.

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