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Hartlepool Arboriculture

A primarily industrial town, Hartlepool is situated in County Durham and falls under Hartlepool Borough Council alongside Dalton Piercy, Elwick, Greatham, Hart Village and Seaton Carew. In Hartlepool Borough, there are several popular rural areas including Burn Valley Gardens, Rossmere Park, Seaton Park and Ward Jackson Park.

Following a prolonged period spent prioritising shipbuilding and the utilisation of the port as the main source of revenue, plans to build a solar farm and integrate mandatory biodiversity net gain in future developments has suggested an intention to make the borough greener and cause less harm to the environment. Another outcome of this change, however, is that Hartlepool Borough Council will need assurances that the condition of rural areas won’t be compromised as a result of development projects and existing trees won’t be removed or destroyed to pave the way for fresh infrastructure unless it is completely unavoidable.

Conservation and Protection of Trees in Hartlepool

Sharing similarities to all other councils across the country, Hartlepool Borough Council has a set of rules that ensure trees and hedges are only disturbed if it’s absolutely necessary. The Hartlepool Trees and Development Guidelines SPD outlines the rules around developing plots of land that contain trees and other plant life.

The document explains the importance of protecting trees in Hartlepool, particularly as the borough only has around 2.6% of tree cover – one of the lowest of all areas in the country and 6% less than the national average. It also emphasises how important the retention of trees in Hartlepool is to the local council and, as a result, how crucial it is that any planning permission applications contain evidence of how trees on the site will be managed.

Multiple factors can affect the ability to develop on land that houses trees such as if trees are under tree preservation orders (TPO) or situated in conservation areas. However, developers and other people involved in projects can ensure that any potential issues are accounted for through booking a tree survey.

Land Development Tree Surveys

You may be wondering why a tree survey is so important and what exactly it entails. Titled the BS5837 tree survey, it is an assessment that enables a qualified arboricultural consultant to analyse all trees on a site to find effective next steps for each tree. Based on the quality and value of the trees, the arboriculturist will decide whether the best course of action would be to retain, relocate or destroy each tree.

After the survey, the consultant will produce a CAD drawing that outlines trees on the site, as well as a report that explains their recommendations. You can then submit this report to Hartlepool Borough Council as part of your planning permission application.

Our Services

As gaining planning permission and avoiding potential issues with the local council will allow your development project to progress, it would be advisable to book a tree survey if trees are present on your site. Although you may find several appealing options for companies that could conduct the assessment, Arbtech holds an invaluable reputation for carrying out tree surveys and other forms of assessment to the highest possible standard.

Before committing to a tree survey with Arbtech, you can request a free quote by contacting us via phone, email or the form on this page. One of our team will then get back to you with an accurate cost based on your site and project, enabling us to make the next step in progressing your project.

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