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We offer a range of bat surveys including Scoping Bat Surveys, Bat Emergence Surveys and Bat Licences.

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On this and our service pages, you can find all the information you’re ever likely to need about bats, surveys and what happens next. (And if for some reason you don’t, our friendly experts are at the other end of that freephone number up there on the top right of your screen.)

Questions like “what happens to my planning application if I have bats?” are asked of our team on a daily basis by people just like you, all across the UK.

We know that bats might not have been in your game plan and the original costings for your project, so we do appreciate you’re a little worried about what comes next. Fortunately, our team have never failed to secure a planning consent for a client where bats have been found or are even suspected to be present at a site. Of course, there’s a protocol to follow; surveys to be done, reports to be submitted to your local planners, and in some rare cases, protected species licences to be obtained… but that’s all in a day’s work for us here at Arbtech. With six fully licenced bat consultants we have among the broadest and deepest bat expertise of any ecological consultancy in the country.

How exactly are we different?

We react with lightning speed and aim to get your bat survey turned around as fast as possible, at a fair and fixed cost, which you can find right here on this site. – Robert Oates

We only undertaken planning and development related work, so our bat expertise isn’t diluted over a multitude of disciplines and sectors. – Craig Williams

We care the most about what matters to you: getting our client a planning permission via the path of least resistance. – Martin O’Connor

When can this survey be done?

Jan January - yes
Feb February - yes
Mar March - yes
Apr April - yes
May May - yes
Jun June - yes
Jul July - yes
Aug August - yes
Sep September - yes
Oct October - yes
Nov November - yes
Dec December - yes


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Quick, professional, easy to deal with and exactly what was required. Many thanks indeed.

Exemplary, professional and efficient

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Planning application in North Wales for 4 executive homes starting at £289,000. Jo Gregory and her colleagues were extremely proactive and satisfied the every whim ...Read More

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Excellent service from start to finish. I would recommend this company.