From November 2021, biodiversity net gain (BNG) has been a part of planning that local planning authorities had the option to enforce, and following further delays to a two-year transition period, it became a mandatory consideration in February 2024 (and in April for smaller sites). Since then, it has been an important part of the planning process, affecting the early stages of land and property developments all over England and giving developers and homeowners another concern to factor into their plans.

Something we’ve always aimed to do at Arbtech is simplify concepts that could be complicated to the average homeowner, the inexperienced developer, or anyone else new to the BNG requirement. That started by creating a comprehensive page on biodiversity net gain plans, answering every frequently asked question, and covering all aspects of the topic.

In our latest effort, we’ve detailed the anticipated cost of creating and maintaining habitat to meet the mandate.

Download Our Free BNG Creation Costs PDF

Arbtech CEO Robert Oates and Crest Environmental Managing Director Jonathan Allen worked together to produce a free PDF document which clearly outlines some cost estimates for the price of habitat creation based on accurate costs and purposely includes the units of measurement frequently used by landowners.

Categories of habitat include traditional orchards, lowland calcareous, lowland acid, other natural, mixed scrub, priority habitat, non-priority habitat, reedbeds, broadleaved, mixed, hedgerow (only), hedgerow with trees, line of trees (only), ditches and individual trees, and both predicted creation and maintenance costs are included.

* Costs shown exclude inflation over the 30-year period net gain covenants must last

Download our PDF on BNG Creation Costs by Clicking the Link HERE

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