No matter whether you are a developer, site owner or architect, if you are looking to build an extension, renovate or develop a property it is likely you will need a survey if you are going to be building close to trees.

All planning authorities in the UK are bound by law to assess the impact that any proposed development will have upon trees and any other vegetation. To measure impact, a number of documents must be provided. These are collectively referred to as BS5837 tree surveys. When it comes to planning permission, there’s always one thing on every developer or site owner’s mind and that is time. How long will a survey take to complete?

Choosing the Right Consultant for You…

How long your survey takes is completely down to the ecologists and consultants carrying them out. Whilst some consultants can take weeks others can take just days so it is important to do some research before committing to someone. When it comes to planning and development of a property, it is a long and arduous task. To help speed up the process many site owners often choose to find an ecologist who can deliver results fast. Local planning authorities will ask site owners and developers to produce a tree survey. To many, this will mean nothing. In essence, the survey is essentially a document that collects and present data in the form of a schedule, and show the authorities that any developments at a property will be carried out without affecting good quality trees. Additionally, surveys provide information about the quality of tree quality, whilst informing a sensible retention and removal balance for the site that will be acceptable to the local council.

So, how long will a tree survey take?

The length of time this will take is completely dependent on the consultant hired to complete the job. Normally this should be around one week from your instructions. One of the UK’s leading suppliers of tree surveys, they provide all the relevant documents required in order to meet your local authority’s requirements to get planning applications approved. For Arbtech: • BS5837 Tree Surveys can be carried out in a matter of days (1-5 days). • Impact assessments will take between two and four days. • Arboricultural Method Statements and Tree Protection Plans will take between one and three days. Photo Credit: Travis S.