Prime Location Land for Sale

Location is an important factor when it comes to buying land, and as the country, region, county, town and even general area could vastly alter the guide price, the parameters for buying land could be impacted by location in the same sense that they would be for buying an existing property.

Through thinking shrewdly and pragmatically when it comes to targeting the most suitable location to buy land, the estate agents or selling companies you are working in partnership with for a land purchase could ask for a distinctly lower price on your behalf. Otherwise, you may end up in a position where you are stuck with the current landowner insisting upon a potentially unattainable max price based on the specific location, particularly if it is popular or highly valuable.

As a method of simplifying the process of choosing the best area to buy land based on your project, intentions and budget, we offer details of different sections of land determined by potential land buying locations across the UK.

Within the data below is information about land for sale in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, more specifically detailing the average cost and size of land determined by each region within the listed locations. We also include data taken from a combination of experts that advise on how to buy and sell various forms of land, as well as studies from multiple estate agents.

Land for Sale Across the United Kingdom

Developers are able to buy land for sale and stage planning projects in a vast array of areas to suit their own chosen purposes. In the case of many developers, identifying value and finding opportunities to turn a profit are just as important as discovering an available plot of land that will work within the specifications of the project.

The average cost of land will vary from place to place based on several factors that determine value. For example, the average land price for a certain area could be dictated by accessibility, land size, land type, planning regulations, popularity, or general supply and demand.

Looking specifically at the UK and all countries and regions within, the average cost of land for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are:

Land for Sale in England

Average cost of land – £8,564 per acre

Land Sizes by Region

North West – 14,165 km2

North East – 8,592 km2

Yorkshire and the Humber – 15,420 km2

West Midlands – 12,998 km2

East Midlands – 15,627 km2

London – 1,572 km2

South West – 23,837 km2

South East – 19,096 km2

Land for Sale in Scotland

Average cost of land – £4,271 per acre

Land Sizes by Region

Highlands and Islands – 38,081.8 km2

Aberdeen and North East Scotland – 8,736.7 km2

Tayside, Central and Fife – 16,223.23 km2

Glasgow and Strathclyde – 6,715.5 km2

Edinburgh and Lothians – 1,724 km2

Scotland South – 11,159 km2

Land for Sale in Wales

Average cost of land – £8,546 per acre

Land Sizes by County

Clwyd – 2,910 km2

Dyfed – 5,780 km2

Gwent – 1,553 km2

Gwynedd – 3,262 km2

Mid Glamorgan – 781 km2

West Glamorgan – 820 km2

South Glamorgan – 475 km2

Powys – 5,196 km2

Land for Sale in Northern Ireland

Average cost of land – £9,200 per acre

Land Sizes by County

Antrim – 3,086 km2

Armagh – 1,327 km2

Down – 2,489 km2

Fermanagh – 1,691 km2

Londonderry – 2,118 km2

Tyrone – 3,266 km2

Where Would Be Preferable For Purchasing Land?

As the data above states, Northern Ireland holds the highest average cost of land in the UK, with Scotland possessing the lowest. At a baseline level, it appears that the easy assumption to take from these figures would be that value is dictated by quantity, with the limited number of plots of land for sale in Northern Ireland posing only a limited handful of opportunities compared to the extensive array of options in Scotland.

That said, every country has valuable areas and locations that are cheaper for numerous potential reasons. You may find that buying cheaper land in areas of Scotland poses chances to capitalise if done correctly, just as spending more on a plot of land in Northern Ireland doesn’t necessarily indicate certain value.

For further information on current plots of land for sale, it would be advisable to check out the Addland website, as it has a unique feature that easily and clearly allows you to search for existing land listings.